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Use Success Stories to Sell Your Services

success storiesAs a service professional, an important element of your marketing strategy is to highlight why you are THE premier solutions provider for your target market. When you showcase your expertise and how others’ lives and business have improved because of working with you, your services and products will be more compelling. You’ll increase your visibility and you’ll easily convert more prospects to clients.

But when you’re showcasing what you do, you have to be very careful about HOW you present your experience and your solutions. Far too many service professionals focus on the mechanics of what they do when they are trying to sell their services. You don’t want to make this mistake, because, honestly, people aren’t that interested in HOW you do what you do. All they are really concerned about is getting from problem (point A) to solution (point B) in the easiest, quickest and the most affordable way possible. So you want to talk about your services in a way that acknowledges that and clearly conveys your value. [Read more…]

Connect With Your Clients On Their Terms – And Increase Your Profits!

solutionsIf you want to fill your pipeline with prospects and increase your income, you have to speak the language of your ideal clients. When you speak their language, you’ll be able to connect with them on a deeper level and show that you understand their problems.

Some solo professionals struggle with describing what they do in a way that connects with their clients – but if you take the following three steps you’ll be able to avoid this struggle. You can connect with more people who need what you have to offer.

    [Read more…]

Marketing a Service Business with No Marketing Budget

Marketing a service business will inquire an investment of your time and financial resources. What if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing? Now what? Does that mean you simply cannot market your service business and your only hope is waiting on the sidelines for someone to hire you? Not at all! Today is the day you learn that marketing a service business with a minimal budget is not only possible, it’s easier than you think.

One of the first steps in marketing a service business is to get your branding in place. Make sure your business name, your tag line and your logo are all connected – that they send a consistent, positive and results focused message. Your brand is what prospective clients will remember you by. You’ve only got a few seconds to make a first impression, especially online, so make sure you have your ducks in a row — everything about your brand should be clear, concise and consistent. Read more about Marketing a Service Business with No Marketing Budget

3 Keys to Providing the Right Solutions For Your Clients’ Needs

key solutionsSuccessful service professionals know that they are problem solvers for their clients. Positioning yourself as a problem solver helps your clients instantly see how working with you will make a difference in their life and/or business. It can also help your unique business stand out in the market. In order to put this strategy to work for you, you’ve got to find the right solutions to offer. When you take the time to learn your clients’ needs, you’ll dramatically increase your sales because you will offer exactly what your clients are looking for. [Read more…]

Small Business Marketing is Easier Than You Think

Small business marketing is not only necessary to your success as an entrepreneur, it’s easier than you think. Statistics say your small business has a 1 in 6 chance of survival, but without effective, ongoing marketing, your odds are far less than that. Utilize proven small business marketing strategies that will let you spread the word about your business quickly and get in front of the right people.

Small business marketing can seem like a big task. After all, big corporations have entire departments devoted to nothing other than marketing, so what can you do with a one-woman (or one-man) show? The good news is …plenty! You can market your small business in a number of ways that will have your phone ringing, inbox filling up and your bank balance growing. One of the keys to success is to build a compelling brand and consistently create awareness for that brand. Read more about Small Business Marketing is Easier Than You Think

Speak Your Client’s Language and Keep Your Pipeline Full

solutionsIf you want to pump up your profits, you have to get clear about exactly what you are offering your customers and offer it to them in a way that is compelling and interesting. The best way to do this is to position yourself as a problem solver for your ideal prospects. If you can solve problems for your clients, you’re going to increase your visibility and keep your pipeline full.

A lot of service professionals focus on the service that they are offering. They label themselves an acupuncturist, a coach, a virtual assistant, a graphic designer, etc. While these may be accurate descriptions of what you do, it’s not what your ideal clients are looking for. Read more about Speak Your Client’s Language and Keep Your Pipeline Full

How to Never Run Out of Clients (SSMS Episode 45)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastDo you ever wonder why some service providers in your industry seem to have a wildly successful business while you are struggling along just trying to make ends meet? It’s not likely that the star players in your industry are any smarter, better educated or better connected than you are. Their success is absolutely tied to their marketing efforts. More specifically their sucess is a direct result of consistent, effective marketing on their part. The same results can be enjoyed in your business, IF you start marketing your solutions consistently. Learn more in today’s podcast!

The Biggest Mistake in Your Marketing Plan

To market your business and to do it effectively, you need a marketing plan. Trying to just jump in and implement strategies as they come might seem like a carefree way to handle your marketing, but doing so will never create highly profitable results in your business.

For a marketing plan to create results, the plan must be developed with your specific business goals in mind. You cannot market a graphic design business the same way you market a retail product. For your marketing plan to work for you, it needs to be customized for what you do, who you serve and what you want to accomplish. You also need to avoid the number one biggest mistake you can make in your marketing plan. Read more about The Biggest Mistake in Your Marketing Plan