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Want More Clients? “BE” Your Brand!

finding solutionsIt’s possible that when you think of brand, what comes to mind is a company’s logo or an image that represents them. You may also think of a particular tag line.

For example, if you heard me say, “Just Do It,” Nike would instantly pop into your mind. Or, if I said, “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” you’ll likely think of a BMW commercial.

As it relates to your business, your logo and your tagline do play an important role, however the most important part of your brand is actually YOU. Your brand has to be reflective of who you are and the services and products that you offer.

So, what are you known for? Why do clients come to you? How do you make a difference in their lives? This is the key!     Read more about Want More Clients? “BE” Your Brand!

The Fastest Path To Cash

No matter what differences you and I have, the type of business we have, our philosophy about being self-employed or what our personal goals are, we most definitely have one thing in common. We want to be successful and we want to make a good living doing the work we love.

There are a lot of ways you could pursue creating your version of a successful business. But I’d like to share with you the fastest, easiest, least stressful method I know.

Before I do though, I have a question for you. Do you like to eat? Most people I know do. I love great food. And I really love preparing great food. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I love flipping through my cookbooks and magazines and deciding what delectable meal I want to make. I love shopping at my favorite grocery store for all the ingredients I need. I really enjoy preparing everything and watching the meal come to life. My favorite part is watching people, especially my husband eat and enjoy it. (The only thing I HATE is the clean up which is why I’m so glad he does that part!) Read more about The Fastest Path To Cash

How Not Being Specific Is Hurting Your Business and What To Do About It! (SSMS Episode 83)


Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastI hear a lot of business owners saying “I’d like to be more visible online.”. “I’d like to get more repeat business”. “I’d like to make more money”. But really, what is “more”? More is not specific and it’s not measurable. Which means it will be very difficult to achieve. On the other hand, being specific provides you with clarity, focus and makes achieving your goals a heck of a lot easier. Listen in as I share 3 key areas of your business where you need to boost your specificity!

3 Simple Tips For Getting Focused

If you’re anything like me, it’s a struggle to stay focused on doing what you need to do to grow your business and reach your goals. I wanted to share with you a few simple tips that have consistently worked well for me so that you can create more success in your own business:

What struggles with staying focused are you wresting with? And have you found anything in particular that helps you get back on track? Do tell by sharing a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

How to Consistently Create Content if You Have No Time, No Interest and No Know-How

If you think about the way you make purchasing decisions for products and services you’ll likely realize that it’s the companies that educate you, show you they understand your pain and offer a practical solution that get your attention. And if they make a compelling enough offer, you are likely to part with your hard earned cash to get your hands on what you need.

Let’s for a moment, focus on that education piece. Often when we go seeking a solution to a particular problem, it’s because we don’t know enough about the subject to resolve the challenge on our own. Read more about How to Consistently Create Content if You Have No Time, No Interest and No Know-How

How To Create A Solutions-Based Business

finding solutionsOuch, I’m in pain over here! It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. If you can solve my problem, I will happily give you my time and money.

We each have a pain that needs healing, an itch that needs scratching, or a problem that needs a solution. And we’re on the hunt for that solution…yesterday!

Keep this in mind as it relates to your ideal client and the reason you went into business for yourself. You are a problem solver. Therefore, you must make sure that your business is focused on solving problems and nothing else.

Read more about How To Create a Solutions-Based Business

Local Business Owner To Serve On National Self-Employed Council


Sydni Craig-Hart of Emeryville, Calif. Has Partnered With The Largest Small Business Association Representing Main Street America

Washington, D.C., May 16, 2012 – Sydni Craig-Hart of Smart Simple Marketing in Emeryville, California has been chosen to serve on the Member Council for the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE). Craig-Hart provides, coaching, consulting and “done for you” services to small businesses who are looking for simple strategies to increase their profits.

There are currently over 3 million self-employed individuals in California.

The council’s purpose is to serve as a sounding board for NASE leadership regarding programs, services and benefits that could help make the NASE an even greater partner to the nation’s micro-business owners (less than 10 employees) and the self-employed.    Read more about Local Business Owner To Serve On National Self-Employed Council

How to Find Clients You LOVE!

happy partnersAAARRRGGHHH!! Do you scream after working with a particular client? It is not the end of the world when you find yourself in a working relationship that is well, NOT working. I would really love to help you avoid (or get out of) a bad client situation. How can you do it?

Know what you HATE

To help me stay focused on only working with ideal clients (meaning those folks with whom I can do my BEST work and create the BEST possible results), I’ve developed a simple system that you too can model. Read more about How to Find Clients You LOVE!

Follow These Tips to Make Sure Your Website Doesn’t Get Hijacked!

Your website is the MOST important online collateral you have. Watch this video to learn how to keep your online presence safe and reflective of the image you want to portray of your business?

Here are the resources I mentioned in the video:

If you have other resources you’d like to share, feel free to do so by posting a comment below!

A Marketing Recipe That Is Guaranteed to Succeed (SSMS Episode 82)


Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastA lot of folks marketing “strategy” is throwing stuff out into the world and seeing what sticks. Some jump from idea to idea, concept to concept and never make any progress. To me, marketing is like cooking (which I LOVE) and to create real success in your business you need to follow a recipe. One that is customized to your personality, your business and your goals. In this week’s episode I teach you how you easily find your recipe and “cook up” delicious success in your business!