4 Email Marketing Secrets That You Need To Deploy… NOW

Email marketing - powerful strategyYou need to know this…

That is the reason I will share all of the details with you right here, right now.

As a small business owner, roughly 90% of your business comes from repeat clients and customers.

But what about the other 10%?

The most successful businesses are the ones that are able to tap into new client bases through marketing and engagement, convert leads into paying customers, and turn customers into repeat clients and brand champions.

Since word-of-mouth remains the #1 way to promote your business and increase profits regardless of your industry, engaging your customers and getting them to tell their friends about your business is the best way to secure that remaining 10% of the market.

Thanks to email marketing and social media – what’s commonly known as “Engagement Marketing” – it’s easier than ever for customers to share their experiences with friends, family, and the world.

The best part about Engagement Marketing is that it’s measurable. By tracking email opens, clicks and social shares, you can pinpoint exactly what your customers want and make sure you’re the one to give it to them.

Email marketing is particularly effective for increasing engagement, referrals, and sales. But simply sending any old email to your customers isn’t enough to increase profits – your content must be strategically created to increase positive word-of-mouth between your current and prospective customers.

Here are 4 email content secrets proven to get your customers engaged, keep them coming back, and turn them into brand advocates.     

1. Newsletters and Announcements

Keep your customers updated on what’s happening in your business with a regular email newsletter. These can be used to promote special events, find volunteers, share surveys, and motivate current customers to share your content with their online network.

In order to drive more business with your email newsletter…

  • Keep it short and sweet (no one likes long, scrolling emails!)
  • Turn on Constant Contact’s SimpleShare feature so customers can easily share your email on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Use “Read more” links to drive traffic back to your website
  • Include your own social follow links so customers can connect with you in multiple places online
  • Track your email opens and clicks so you can engage with and convert more leads

4 Little Secrets To Making Money With Email

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2. Special Offers, Deals, and Promotions

Many customers sign up for email mailing lists precisely because they want access to special offers and discounts. Don’t disappoint! Emailing promotions is a great way to increase business, keep repeat customers coming back, and give loyal customers an opportunity to share your offer with their friends.

Be sure to…

  • Create an offer people can buy on the spot
  • Make your offer time-sensitive to drive more sales right now
  • Encourage users to share your promotion by asking directly in the copy of your email, and by including social sharing links to make spreading the word as easy as possible
  • Incentivize people to share your offer by providing a special additional offer only for those who share
  • Track your results and follow up with everyone who takes advantage of your promotion – especially new customers referred by a friend!

3. Events

What better way to engage your audience and connect with new customers than by inviting them to a live event? This is a fantastic way to capture that remaining 10% of your customer base, but it’s important to get strategic with your event invite email.

  • Keep the event details (who, what, when, where, etc.) very simple, clear, and easy to find
  • Create a dedicated landing page for your event that’s separate from your regular website
  • ‘Tease’ the user with enticing benefits that won’t be revealed unless they attend the event (special guest speakers, secret tips and tricks, etc.)
  • Make the registration or RSVP link super simple to find. Also make sure your landing page is mobile-responsive
  • Manage the entire event online, including signups, payments, and event check-in

4 Little Secrets To Making Money With Email

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4. Online Surveys and Polls

People love to share their opinions – that’s why social media is so popular!
Engaging customers and prospects with a survey is not only a great way to get them talking; it can provide you with invaluable market research about what your tribe needs and wants from your company. And nothing increases profits faster than giving people exactly what they want!

In order to make the most out of an email survey…

  • Share the survey on various channels, syncing your email campaign with social media and your website in order to expand your reach
  • Incentivize your survey with a free gift or lead magnet
  • Keep the survey short (really short, 1 or 2 questions) – long, scrolling lists of questions will discourage people from finishing the survey
  • Brand your survey with your logo to increase recognition
  • Incorporate the feedback you get after identifying recognizable trends in survey answers

Finding and converting new customers is easy when you leverage the loyal customers you already have.

Get strategic with your email content by using newsletters, special offers, event invitations, and surveys to engage your customers and encourage them to share your content with their friends online.

Doing so will exponentially increase your reach and, in turn, your profit margin!

4 Little Secrets To Making Money With Email

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