5 Ways Your Staff Can Increase Your Revenue and Retention

Did you know it costs seven times more to get a new customer than to keep a current one?
If your staff isn’t actively working to give each client a great experience, you may be seeing money walk out of the door each day. It’s not enough to just do the bare minimum. With so many competing services out there, each and every person in your shop needs to be making clients feel like they matter to your business and working hard to retain them.

Whether your staff needs a customer service refresher, or you’d just like to set new standards in your salon or spa, here are five ways to make customers feel special.

  1. Focus on the front-desk staff.Your front-desk staff makes the first impression for your entire business – so make sure they are setting a good one! Don’t discount the importance of this position. You need to make sure that your receptionist or assistants are following established guidelines to make customers feel comfortable and welcomed. Your front-desk staff will need to know how to speak with clients, how to use technology to book appointments, how to sell upsell to complementary services and how to deal with difficult situations. Evaluate their skills and schedule some training as necessary.
  2. Create a culture based on serving the clients.Getting everyone on board with customer service is not an easy task – but it’s essential. Customers can tell the difference between an employee who is just there to get their paycheck and one that truly cares about their experience. Make your expectations for your staff clear. Every client that walks into your establishment needs to be treated with the same level of dedication and service. Keeping clients happy is everyone’s job –it leads to long term success and job security for your staff.
  3. Look for opportunities to give something extra.Client satisfaction can take many forms – but a surefire way to make sure your customers are happy is to give them something extra. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think about what would make them feel special. Consider a free sample, aromatherapy, a cup of tea or any other little extra. Get ideas from your staff (and your best clients!) and incorporate them into your way of doing business. Your customers appreciate the perks and your staff will be more invested in your success.
  4. Pre-book each and every appointment.When a customer leaves, be sure there’s a firm date for them coming back. Your staff should be actively scheduling the next appointment for each customer, and recommending a new service. This will increase your bookings, and give you an opportunity to address any customer service problems. If a client doesn’t want to re-book, you can find out why right then and solve the issue for them.
  5. Implement a follow up plan.Holding high standards for customer service doesn’t end when the appointment does. Follow up is a key component of keeping your customers happy. Call new clients a few days before their first appointment to lay the groundwork for excellent customer care. Follow-up after the service to make sure the client was satisfied, request their feedback and confirm their new appointment. This follow up step will let your clients know you are interested in them personally and this is guaranteed to increase your re-bookings.

From start to finish, focus on creating a VIP experience for each client. Getting your entire staff on board can help your staff become a customer service powerhouse.