How Much NOT Following Up Is Costing You – And How To Fix It

Marketing design.We have the best of intentions to follow-up on interest in our business. As well we should, because the fortune we want to make is in the follow-up.

The people we meet when we’re out networking, speaking or who are referred to us represent thousands, tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for our business.

Our “best intentions” to follow-up are great, but intentions alone seldom create results.

ACTION gets you results.

The first action you want to take with a new prospect is to welcome them into your community. You can do this by introducing them to your company, the solutions you offer and inviting them to share a bit of detail about what they’re looking for.

Your next step is to use the information you’ve gathered to nurture them through your sales process.

And you’ll continue nurturing them along until they:

  • Purchase from you, or…
  • Leave your community

Sounds simple, right?

But how can you do this when you’re short on time and have dozens, or perhaps hundreds of people to keep up with?

It’s simple. You set up automated messages (aka “autoresponders”) to do the work for you.

An autoresponder series is a set of email messages you write once, and set up to send automatically to a new prospect when they join your community.

Here’s an example of how this works:  

Derek Gerber, senior account executive at Tallega Software had a goal to reshape the way his software company communicated with its audience online.

“We’ve been in business for almost 10 years, and are constantly on the lookout for new technologies to help us grow,” Derek explains. “We’ve been using email for the last few years, and have seen some great results. But we really wanted to take things a step further.”

With over 8,000 email contacts, Tallega Software, which offers solutions to help clients store documents and keep their business running smoothly, had already seen the power of email to generate new and repeat business. But Derek also knew there was one opportunity Tallega had been missing out on.

“My goal was to create a system to help introduce potential clients to our company when they join our email list,” Derek explains.

Using an autoresponder series, Derek set up a series of 12 emails, each with a different piece of content to help educate potential clients about the benefits of working with Tallega Software.

The first email provides an introduction to new contacts with details about setting up a call to learn more. This is followed by a series of emails with strategically timed assets including a downloadable white paper, helpful tips and information, and links to articles on the Tallega Software Blog.

“What I’ve tried to do is to create a really unique, attention grabbing series of messages that drive people back to our website or encourage people to take another action,” Derek explains. “We’ve seen some great initial results and are really excited to do more with the tool.”

Derek’s experience isn’t unique. You can create the same process in your business.

You’ll want to follow-through with this even at a basic level because studies show that:

  • 81% of sales happen after 5 or more touch points (an email, phone call, meeting, etc.)
  • 85% of the time we stop after 1 or 2 touch points
  • The majority of people never follow up at all

What if you could setup a system to follow-up and create the touch points without you lifting a finger?

How would an 81% increase in revenue shift your business?

What would you be able to do then that you can’t do now?

The answer to that question that just popped up in your mind is entirely possible.

This is possible with a lot less effort, time and energy than you think.

Take a look at these tools and see which option would best suit your needs:

Make a commitment to your business that within the next 90-days you’re going to setup and automate a follow-up process that keeps you top of mind and increases your revenue.

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  1. Hi, Sydni. Sounds great. I just don’t want to nickle and dime myself out of business. With every tool out there, there’s a cost associated with it. If I’m too busy to do something then I look to see how to balance that out or what am I doing that’s taking too much time out of what I’m suppose to be doing. Because I’m local and want to stay that way, it’s easier for me to do that. I can see going global how these tools may help. But I wonder how much is the owner really on top of the management of all these tools? After a while you need to hire people to manage the tools and manage the accounting of all these expenses. However, I also agree it’s fun to get to that level. So one day I know I will get there. Right now I’m learning from afar. You’re a super mentor. I’m grateful to be on your team. You are making a difference in the world. Thank you for your time in reading this message. Take good care. Rosella Young, AA-1 Designs, Invest in your Shelf!

    • Hi Rosella! Thanks very much for the note. I completely understand where you’re coming from. I understand how using a variety of tools can add up quickly. This is why it’s so important to be clear about your goals. Knowing what you want to accomplish in your business and making decisions about what to invest in from that place will help you to spend the resources you have wisely. Also, it’s important to think about how much time you’re spending handling manual tasks. yes, it might cost you (for example) $20/month for a particular software or application, but will it do work for you that would take you hours to accomplish? These are the kinds of questions you have to ask yourself. And that will help you to choose tools that will take tasks off your plate, not give you one more thing to do or manage. To meet your goals, you’re either going to have to invest time, money or both. There’s no way around that. It’s simply a matter of determining how you want to invest those resources. I hope that’s helpful to you!