How To Get Customers To Do What You BOTH Want

Engagement Matters Episode 36: Consumers want to gobble up all of the valuable resources that you provide for them. The method for delivering these resources is irrelevant. What is important, however, is that you help them to take the next best step that will guide them to solve a pressing problem or accomplish an important goal.

To lead customers in the right direction, you will ALWAYS need to give a CLEAR CALL TO ACTION.

Here is an example: Click HERE to download your FREE checklist “35 Ways To Get Clients Now”!

3 Simple Marketing Tools for Absolutely Any Budget

Marketing TacticsMany entrepreneurs think the best marketing tactics cost a fortune and require budgets of thousands per month.

The truth is that any small business owner with any budget can implement the following 3 marketing tactics with hardly any financial investment.

The best part? These tactics are not only cost-effective, they’re the most effective ways to generate new business and keep current customers coming back.

  1. Increase “word-of-mouth” referrals

    It’s an old adage for a reason: there really is no better marketing than word-of-mouth.

    You can encourage word-of-mouth marketing by giving your customers incentives to share your brand with their friends and families.

    A few examples of this include

    • “Refer a friend to my class, and when they sign up I’ll send you a check for $25!”
    • “For every referral that generates $100+, you’ll earn a free 90-minute massage session” ($125 value)
    • “Refer a friend and get 30% off your next session!"

    Notice that there is no out of pocket expense to you in any of these cases. The current customer wins big by getting a great deal or discount, and you win big by gaining a new (hopefully lifetime) customer.

  1. Build your customer base with (free or cheap) email marketing

    When you have a strong, active email list, sending a single email can do more for your bottom line than spending hundreds on advertising.

    The best part? It doesn’t cost a dime to start building your email list. You can create a free email capture form with sites like, and begin marketing to your captured leads using Constant Contact (starting at $20/month).

    With such a low-cost investment of both time and money, it’s pretty amazing that email marketing remains one of the top tools in your marketing arsenal.

  1. Create and publish consistent content

    Consistency is one area where many small business owners and solopreneurs fall flat.

    Publishing consistent content on your blog and regularly emailing your list keeps your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds.

    That way, when they’re ready to buy, yours is the first business they’ll think of.

    Being consistent with your marketing tactics means….

    • Publishing blog posts on the same day or days each week
    • Shooting, editing and posting Youtube videos every week or month
    • Emailing your list regularly based on the tested frequency that works best for your brand and niche.

    The key thing is to consistently market your brand and then test the results.

    For instance, if emailing on Tuesdays and Fridays isn’t working, try switching to Mondays and Thursdays.

    Whatever you do, do it often, and always test to make sure your efforts are gaining the desired results.

Encouraging referrals, building your email list, and being consistent are 3 (practically) free marketing tactics that will give your brand a huge boost in terms of exposure and increased conversions.

Do you use all 3 marketing tactics in your current business?

If you’re missing one, what’s been holding you back?

Share your thoughts here on the blog!

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