Webinar LAUNCH: Your 7-day, Step-By-Step Guide to Effectively Marketing Your Webinar

webinar in blue glass blocksYou may have noticed that it takes a LOT of effort to increase webinar attendance.

That’s because in business and in marketing, you get out of it what you put in, especially in terms of energy, time, and resources. The more time and energy spent on webinar marketing before the event, the greater the rewards will be in terms of increased attendance and conversions.

But what, exactly, should you be doing the week before your webinar? How many emails should you send? How many times should you post on social media (or should you post on social media at all)?

Our 7-day webinar marketing plan will show exactly what to do and when. Simply follow this guide the week before your webinar and watch as attendance and conversions soar!

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10 Ways That Your Small Business Can Compete With Big-Box Retailers

Shopkeeper and saleswoman at cash register or cash deskIf you're going to compete with bigger businesses on your terms, you need to think and act quickly. Here are ten tips to guide you:

  1. Be agile when responding to your customers
    Like a speedboat compared to an oil-tanker, smaller businesses can move faster than larger ones when market conditions change. Keep careful track of your customers' interests and preferences and you'll be able to anticipate their requirements. You can also take advantage of these relationships to check in with customers and prospects on a periodic basis. Ask for their feedback on your product or service, shop and website.
  2. Don't slash your prices
    Competing on price with the big players is usually a bad idea. Economies of scale mean that the larger stores have more purchasing power than you, and can drive down their suppliers' prices.     [Continue reading]

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7 Common Webinar Mistakes (and How To Avoid Them)

7 Common Webinar Mistakes (and How To Avoid Them)

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Top 10 Reasons To Hold A Webinar Today

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