7 Easy Ways To Get Customers To Buy Again

It is 5-10x cheaper to engage a past client than it is a new one. On average existing clients spend 67% more than a new one! Here’s how to stay in touch authentically with your clients and build repeat business.

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Why Planning Is The Most Important Step In Your Website Design Journey

Young woman feels guilty and sorry for situationYou would think that getting a website that works would be as easy as finding a designer you like, telling them what you want and badabing badaboom you have a client magnet! Unfortunately that’s not the case.

The problem is that most small business owners take a “looks” approach when they start their website design.

They pick the colors, they have a vision for ideas that they want to convey with imagery, and they have some ideas for sweet doohickies that will make it all cutting edge… and that’s it.

What they’re missing is the functionality and strategy that needs to go into their design.

It’s kind of like hiring a contractor to build you your dream house. You tell them the colors, the finishes, the number of rooms, and that you really really want a hot tub in the back. He shows you some pictures of what he’s going to build, you oooh and ahhh, and tada he builds you a house!

But when you move in, things aren’t so ducky. Sure everything looks pretty, but your front door opens into the bedroom, the hallways look more like some kind of maze, and you don’t have enough room for any of your furniture.

In short, it’s just not functional. When visitors come they’ll initially be impressed by the curb appeal, but when they get into the house they won’t know what to do with themselves.

Just like a house, your website needs to have a strategic plan behind it before you build.

Creating that strategic plan can be tough for busy entrepreneurs because even though you understand your customers and have great services, you are probably not a web strategy expert (unless that’s your specialty). And what you think might be logical (just like your contractor thought), actually doesn’t translate into something functional that’s going to bring you results.

So how do you create a winning plan for your website?

On Thursday January 29th at 11am PST / 2pm EST I’ll be hosting a FREE webinar with my friend and colleague Holly Chantal of The Land of Brand® where she’ll be showing us exactly how to plan a website that attracts your ideal prospects and engages them right away.

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