Engagement Matters 16: Get Massive Exposure for Your Business

Learn how to create massive exposure for your business by using LinkedIn!

It is highly possible that hundreds if not thousands of your ideal clients are looking for solutions to their problems in the LinkedIn groups. Now is the time for you to show up and shine as a true solution provider.

How to Profit From Your Social Media Profiles

social media profitsThere is only ONE reason you should have a presence on social media for your business.

That’s right. Just ONE.

The reason is – to use the platform to connect with ideal prospects and get them on YOUR mailing list.

It doesn’t matter how many fans, followers or connections you have if those "relationships" aren't generating revenue for your business.

To get results from the time spend tweeting, updating your Facebook page and posting on LinkedIn, you need to have in place a strategy that converts your connections to email subscribers.

Once a social media connection joins your email list, you now have the opportunity to get to know them, build a relationship and (when the time is right) extend an offer of a product or service to help them solve a problem they are facing.

Now that we are clear on what you should be using social media for, let's review 7 ways you can leverage your profiles to grow your email list: Read more about How to Profit From Your Social Media Profiles

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