How to Create a Social Media Posting Schedule

You know that sticking to a schedule is important for your business.

It helps you get things done, and keeps everything running smoothly.

The same is true when it comes to your social media marketing.

Understand which networks are right for your business before creating a posting schedule.

Most businesses use Facebook first. But you may also want to get setup on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Google+ — depending on the audience you’re trying to reach.

If you’re not sure where your audience is hanging out, this cheat sheet should help:      [Continue reading]

How to Get REAL Results Using Social Media To Market Your Business

social media marketingDo you have a love / hate relationship with social media?

You love how fun and easy it is to connect with family and friends. You have fun discovering and sharing new brands.

But when it comes using social media to market your business, you struggle to figure out how to get paying customers and real results.

Here are 5 proven tips to help you get a return on the time and effort you spend on social media marketing:      [Continue reading]

Quality vs. Quantity: Which Relationship Marketing Style is Best for Your Company?

Magnifying glass showing relationship word

How you communicate with and engage your customers is the most important aspect of your business and your brand. After all, it is in building long-lasting connections that you build long-lasting businesses. Just like your overall marketing … [Continue reading]

5 Ways to Stay Organized and Be More Productive With Your Marketing

Marketing Productivity

It’s not easy to stay organized and be productive when you’re running a small business. Chances are you spend most of your day wearing different hats, taking meetings and calls, dealing with clients and customers, putting out fires – you know, … [Continue reading]

7 Ways to Build Profitable Relationships with Your Email List

email relationships

Social media is no longer the exception when it comes to small business marketing – it’s the rule. So why are so many marketing experts turning up their noses at Facebook and Twitter, and instead focusing on email marketing? The answer is … [Continue reading]

7 Easy Ways To Get Customers To Buy Again

It is 5-10x cheaper to engage a past client than it is a new one. On average existing clients spend 67% more than a new one! Here's how to stay in touch authentically with your clients and build repeat business. Our FREE toolkit will help you … [Continue reading]

Why Planning Is The Most Important Step In Your Website Design Journey

012915 - SSM - JV - Holly Chantal - Webinar - Image 1

You would think that getting a website that works would be as easy as finding a designer you like, telling them what you want and badabing badaboom you have a client magnet! Unfortunately that’s not the case. The problem is that most small … [Continue reading]

How to Get New Clients…When You Didn’t Follow Up Like You Should Have

It's happened to the best of us. You had a hot lead, right in the palm of your hand and you dropped the ball. All is not lost! Here's how to re-capture the opportunity and turn a mis-step into a win! What do you think of these 5 steps? … [Continue reading]

5 Simple Steps To More Clients Within 90 Days

Problem: “I don’t have enough clients” Solution: Paying clients are the lifeblood of your business. When you are faced with the fact that your client load isn’t what you’d like it to be, the first reaction might be to panic. Instead of … [Continue reading]

Goal Setting That Actually Works: How To Achieve More In 2015 (Part 3)

Achieving goals

Why do so many small business owners set goals and fail to accomplish them? As we’ve seen in Part 1 and Part 2 of our goal-setting series, one of the biggest reasons for failure has to do with setting goals that are simply too big. Instead of … [Continue reading]