7 Secrets of Online Event Marketing Success

Originally published at Hoovers.com Online events are fantastic for building brand awareness and driving small business sales. Unlike traditional events, which require a physical location and incur a variety of different hard costs, online events … [Continue reading]

5 Digital Marketing Trends That Work Wonders for Small Business

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It’s tough to keep up with digital marketing trends, isn’t it? Every day there seems to be a new “must-have” app, new software programs, and new ideas about how to use digital tools to drive profits and win customers. A lot of these trends come … [Continue reading]

How to Get Listed in the Right Online Business Directories

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Originally published at Hoovers.com If your business is a local business, it’s highly likely that your customers are already using online business directories to find you. How likely? According to hyperlocal business monitor Street Fight, … [Continue reading]

7 Ways Great Companies Keep Great Customers for Life

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Originally published at Hoovers.com Customer retention is the key to brand longevity, customer loyalty, and steady profit growth over the lifetime of your business. When you’re able to attract and retain customers long-term, you can focus on … [Continue reading]

New, Now, Next: 5 Surprising Trends in the World of Corporate Supplier Diversity

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APRIL IS ALWAYS one of my favorite months of the year. The beginning of second quarter is the perfect time to take stock of your goals for the year, analyze what’s working and what’s not, and make any needed adjustments with plenty of time left in … [Continue reading]

7 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Online Ads

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Originally published at Hoovers.com In 2016, it can be easy and cost-effective to target your audience using Search Engine Marketing across a variety of online channels. The trick is knowing which of those channels will give you the biggest Return … [Continue reading]

5 Ways to Help Secure Alternative Financing for Your Small Business

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Originally published at AccessToCapital.com Does the thought of applying for a traditional small business loan make you break out in a cold sweat? If you’re like a lot of small business owners, a traditional loan simply isn’t a possibility. … [Continue reading]

How to Prepare for a Lender Matchmaking Event: A Checklist of What to Bring

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Originally published at AccessToCapital.com One of the most important steps to securing funding for your small business or startup is meeting your potential lender face-to-face. No other meeting or opportunity can have such an immediate, direct … [Continue reading]

5 Profit-Boosting Essentials For Your Small Business Website

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Originally published at Hoovers.com Your website is much more than an online storefront for your small business. If properly optimized, your website can become one of the most important resources in your marketing toolkit. It can help your … [Continue reading]

How to Prepare for a Small Business Matchmaking Event

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Originally published on DandB.com 10 actionable tips for landing your dream client Have you ever attended a small business matchmaking or networking event on a whim? If you decided to be spontaneous and show up to an event without preparing … [Continue reading]