3 Simple Steps to Giving Clients Exactly What They Need

Top-notch salons and spas provide value by giving their clientele exactly what they need.  Follow these steps to create offers your clients can’t refuse.

1. Learn about your clients.

Giving your clients exactly what they need starts with understanding their needs. The easiest way to do that is with a survey. Surveys are the perfect way to find out what is most important to your clients and how you can best serve them.

These days everyone is busy. People are most inclined to participate in a survey if they get something in return. A free service is a great way to encourage participation. You can use an add-on service such as a blow-dry with a haircut. Or you can try a lower end service such a manicure or eyebrow shaping.

Another way to encourage participation is with a contest. Every person who responds will be entered into a drawing to win a spa day, a makeover, a basket of product or another high-end prize. Offer additional entries in exchange for sending the survey to friends and family.

In the survey, ask about their most recent visit. Find out if they plan to come back and book a new appointment. Don’t limit questions to feedback on their service. Ask about their daily activities and concerns in their life. The more you can find out about them (without being invasive) the better.

Give them the option of leaving comments. If you ask multiple choice questions, include “other” as an option with a box to leave details. Make your clients feel welcome to give you feedback in the survey.

2. Get Staff Input

After you collect the responses, set up a meeting with each member of you staff. Use this time to get insights into the clients who responded. If your staff has been listening during services, they should have a lot to say! Use your intake forms and records of client interactions to help your staff remember each customer who responded.

Go over any negative feedback and use this as a training opportunity with your staff. Be sure to get back to the client promptly and fix what was wrong.

3. Develop Your Special Offers

This is where you put it all together and wow your clients. Craft special offers based on your survey responses and your staff’s input. You can build offers for individual clients or for groups of clients. If your clientele is stressed-out, put together a pampering package. Offer express services to clients short on time. Offer discounts on two or more services booked together. If clients express concerns over pricing, offer a loyalty program or referral bonus. If a client has an anniversary coming up, offer a romance package, featuring his and hers massage or waxing before a romantic evening. Use your imagination; the possibilities are endless.

Every client wants to know that you understand her and appreciate her needs. The key is learning everything you can about her and use all the tools you have. Don’t underestimate the value of your staff’s input in learning about your clients. Staff input and client feedback will give you everything you need to know to build offers your clientele will love.

Why Surveys Are a Great Tool to Help Your Spa Business Grow

Great salons and spas give their clients exactly what they need. To find out what your clients  need, you have to get the inside scoop on them.

How do great spas and salons get the insider info? They use surveys! Survey clientele to collect feedback on your staff, your services and what else you can do to wow the client. Follow these do’s and don’ts to make your surveys a success.

  • Don’t bombard your client list with surveys all of the time. Quarterly is enough. Try mixing up which clients are surveyed. Send to them your regulars one quarter and clients you rarely see the next. Clients who haven’t used your services in a while will give great feedback about why they haven’t come back.
  • Do keep your survey short and sweet. It should take less than 5 minutes to complete. If you want to do a longer survey, give something in return. A free service, product or a discount on a future service are appropriate if you want to do an in-depth survey.
  • Don’t ask for too much personal information. You’ll get more honest feedback if it’s anonymous. Give the survey respondent the option of giving her contact info so you can follow up on negative feedback. Follow up right away and do what you can to make it right.
  • Do try different formats. See what your response rate is if you use an online survey versus a comment card. Use a free online survey tools, such as surverymonkey and zoomerang and send the link to you email list. Another option is to have comment cards available at the reception desk. Train your reception staff to offer comment cards to all your clients.
  • Do use surveys targeted at different client segments. Ask clients about a specific service they received rather than general questions. Targeted feedback will be more helpful than general information.
  • Don’t ask too many open-ended questions. Instead, use multiple choice questions and give them the option to offer comments. Clients are more likely to respond if they have the option of answering multiple choice questions.

Clients like to give feedback and share their opinions. Invite them to tell you about their experiences. Openly accepting feedback assures them that you value their opinions and care about their experience with your spa or salon. You’ll learn from the negative feedback and the praise feels great.

Use surveys as a regular part of your marketing so you know how to grow. Use the feedback to make changes and add services. If you’re thinking about adding a service, survey you clients before you invest. You may find out you would do better investing elsewhere. If a service is lagging in sales, survey clients to find out why. The information you gather using client surveys will be critical to your growth.

5 Problems You Solve For Your Clients When They Walk in the Door

As a spa or salon owner, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your job is to provide services. It’s not! Your job is to SOLVE PROBLEMS. Your clients come to you looking for solutions, not services.

A lot of the problems your clients need you to solve are emotional. Your client comes to you because she wants to feel a certain way. Other problems are more practical; she doesn’t have enough time for herself or she puts her work and family ahead of her own needs.

Whatever the problems are, you’ll boost your sales when you position yourself as a problem solver. Your primary goal should be to show your client that you understand her needs and challenges and present your business as the solution.

Talk to your clients when they come in. Find out what they need. Are they preparing for a special event? Looking for a little pampering? Feeling stressed? Learning everything you can about the client will give you the clues you need to position yourself as a problem solver.

Don’t wait until you have all the answers. Start marketing yourself as the solution to your client’s challenges right away. Market yourself as the solution to these common problems:

  1. No Time We live in a fast-paced, high-energy world. Everyone struggles to get everything done in their go-go-go lifestyles. It’s hard for people to slow down and take the time for self-care. Let prospects and clients know how you’ll save them time. Show them ways to group services together, for example, they can get a manicure, facial waxing, express facial or 30 minute massage while their hair color processes.
  2. High Stress Lifestyle The experts all say it – we’re more stressed than ever before. Stress leads to health issues, heart problems, sleep loss and weight gain. Let potential and current clients know how your services will help. A massage is a great solution to a high stress lifestyle, but that isn’t the only service that can help. Research has shown that touch relieves stress. Any of your services can help your clients relax, unwind and be more productive in their day to day life.
  3. Need to Feel Special Give your clients a chance to add a little bit of glamour to their lives. Offer services at a variety of price points so anyone can have a “just for me” experience. Let clients know they don’t have to be celebrities to feel glamorous and special.
  4. Need to Feel Good About Her Appearance In your marketing materials make it clear that you can help your client make that all-important good first impression. Whether it’s for a job interview, special event or big night out, you can help her put her best foot forward. You help her feel good about the way she looks so she can wow her friends, family and colleagues.
  5. Need to Indulge Herself So many people (especially women!) put everyone else first. Your clients and prospects are likely to put themselves at the bottom of the list after work, kids, spouses, family and home. A spa day, a facial, a mani/pedi all make your client feel like number one. Position your services as a way for clients to take some time for themselves guilt-free.

When you plan your next marketing campaign, think about these common problems. Position your business as the solution. Show your prospects and clients how you meet their needs and solve their problems. You’ll boost your bottom line.

How to Develop a Profitable Follow Up System

The biggest mistake spa and salon owners make is not staying in touch with existing clients! Once you’ve gotten a client through your doors once, it’s much easier to keep them coming back than to go out and find brand new clients.  Following up with your clients makes you stand out from the pack and strengthens your client relationships. Your business grows through the relationships you and your stylists build with your clientele.

Why Should You Follow Up With Clients?

Following up helps with customer satisfaction and ensures their return to your salon. Not only will you get valuable information by asking for feedback in a follow up call, your client gets a chance to talk about her service. She’ll know you really care about her and her experiences.

A good follow up plan is key to lowering expenses and increasing revenue. It costs 5-7 times more for you to get a new client than to keep an existing one. You can lower your marketing expenses and boost your bookings by following up with your clients. The goal of the follow-up is to thank the customer and get feedback, but you can also use this time to offer additional services or book the next appointment.

Follow Up Key #1 – Create a Plan for Following Up

Documentation is a major key to helping your staff stay on track with follow up calls. When you implement your follow up plan, document it so all your staff knows what needs to be done. Your plan can include handwritten thank you notes or phone calls.

Although technology makes following up quick and easy, they are less personal than a handwritten note or phone call. Who doesn’t like a thank you note in the mail or a personal call to check in?

Follow Up Key #2 – Train Your Staff

Once you’ve created the plan for following up, you need to train your staff to follow up. It can be tempting to write a memo or simply announce your expectations, but you really do need to take that extra step to train your staff. Training is time and labor intensive, but very worth it! It builds teamwork and reinforces the messages that you want your staff to get across with all of their interactions.

To help your staff remember what they learned in training, use checklists to help them implement your plan. Make sure they know when and how to follow up, as well as which clients need a follow up touch.

Follow Up Key #3 – Revise Your Plan

After getting your plan in place and training your staff to do the right type of follow up, you need to review your plan regularly and make any necessary changes. Make it a point to review your plan every quarter. Check to see if your follow up system has had an effect on sales. If not, revise your plan and review the changes with your staff. Your staff may need to be retrained if they aren’t sure how the plan should be used or are missing out on important details.

A profitable follow up system makes it easy to show clients how much you care. By using a reliable and regularly updated system, you can make your business really stand out from the crowd.

Get Your Team On Board: Empowering Others to Follow Up with Clients

As a salon owner you don’t have time to follow up with every client who walks through your door. Don’t let that stop you from making sure your clients get that extra touch that makes for a GREAT experience. Empower your team to follow up and you’ll see more repeat clients.

Your Team Can Be Your Biggest Follow up Assets      [Read more…]

7 Ways to Treat Your Clients Like VIPs

Everyone wants to feel like a VIP. Booking a service at a salon or spa is one way for many people to feel special for a few hours.  Use these tips to treat your clients like VIPs and they’ll keep coming back:

  1. Train all your staff to be friendly and welcoming to every one of your guests. Your reception staff understands this, but your custodial staff may not. To make your client feel like a VIP, she needs to feel welcomed by everyone she interacts with.
  2. The first interaction a client has with your salon is when she books a service. Make sure the booking process is smooth and as easy as possible for the client. Booking is your first opportunity to make your client feel like a VIP by asking good questions and showing that you understand her needs. When a guest books one of your signature services, let them know why that service is special or unique. Highlight the fact that you use an unusual technique or a high-end product. [Read more…]

5 Steps to a Client Care System for Your Spa

Did you know it costs five to seven times more money and effort to get a new client than to keep an existing one? If you want to reduce turnover in your spa and save money at the same time, you need a client care system. Building a good system and training your staff takes time upfront, but will save you money in the end.

Take these steps to build a Client Care System and you’ll improve your retention rate, increase your referrals and that every client is treated like a VIP by every member of your staff.      [Read more…]

How to Use Extras to Make Your Clients Feel Special

No matter what type of spa or salon you run, your clients come for one basic reason – to feel special and pampered. If you want to push their pampering to the max, you can extras to create that feeling before, during and after their services. Don’t limit extra touches to free samples at the end of service – begin the VIP treatment when the client walks through the door.

While She’s Waiting
While your client waits for her treatment provider offer her refreshments. Don’t just stick with coffee or tea! Create a signature beverage, such as water with cucumber slices or an herbal tea, like hibiscus. Offer fresh fruit or another healthy snack. This communicates the message that you’re there to take care of your clients and they are special people.      [Read more…]

How to Book Your Way to Success

Your booking process is the first interaction a client has with your business and your staff – so you’ve got to make sure it’s a good experience. It will set the tone in your client’s mind for the rest of the relationship. If the process is too long or too complicated, it will create a bad impression that you’ll have to work to overcome. Do it right from the start!

Here are some step by step tips to make your booking process simple, easy and enjoyable for your spa or salon clients.     [Read more…]

These 5 Mistakes Will Ensure I Never Return to This Salon

I JUST got home from a mani/pedi appointment and am so disappointed with my experience. To make sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes in your spa or salon, I wanted to share my story with you:

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