You Live On A Different Planet If You Are Not Using Email Marketing

Engagement Matters 27: Is it Mars, Venus or Uranus? If you are not using email marketing to your advantage, you must be living on one of those planets. This episode of Engagement Matters discusses how you can intensify your engagement marketing strategy with email marketing.

Engagement Matters 26: Learn 3 Success Habits from the NBA Champions

The San Antonio Spurs can teach all business owners a few things about winning and success. Learn 3 habits that has enabled the Spurs to be one of the best franchises in NBA history. Imitating the Spurs can make you a master at engagement marketing.

Engagement Matters 25: Build Instant Credibility with Public Speaking

You are an expert on the topic that you share with your target market. Public speaking enables you to solidify your expert status with the people who want to learn from you. There are 5 reasons why public speaking gives you a platform to strengthen your engagement and be seen as resource in your market.

Engagement Matters 24: How Virtual Assistants Can Boost Your Engagement Marketing

To astronomically increase your engagement with your target market, you need to have the right support systems in place. You cannot be in every place at once. BUT, you can certainly look like it. While you work on income generating activities, allow a supportive team member to care for the “technical details”. This blog post will teach you how.

Engagement Matters 23: A Case Study of the Power of Following Up

You’ve heard us say “the fortune is in the follow-up”. Now we’re going to show you what a successful follow-up strategy looks like.

No matter how busy you are, what size your company is or what products and services you sell… you can apply the strategies shown in this video to create more leads and revenue in your business.

This might be the best 2 minutes of your day!

Engagement Matters 22: Bridge the Gap for Your Prospects in 3 Ways

You are the expert that your prospects are eagerly searching for. This is true because your company was started because there was a need in the marketplace for the solutions that you offer.

Now, all you need to do is bridge the gap between the problems that your prospects struggle with and the products or services that you have created for them. They need you! Learn how to bridge the gap by watching this video.

Engagement Matters 21: How to Fill Your Money Pit by Following Up with Prospects

You can create an amazing referral based business if you add a follow up system to your marketing strategy. If you are not doing a great job at keeping your promises that you have made to your prospects, take a look at this video post. Start taking steps in the right direction to keep your marketing funnel full of leads, prospects, clients and income.

Engagement Matters 20: The Fortune is in the Follow Up

Heck yeah you are busy! One thing that you can never be too busy to do is Follow Up on leads, prospects and referral partners. What will happen if you fail to Follow Up? Soon, your busy life will no longer be busy at all. Your business will dry up. We have an easy Follow Up system that is designed for business owners who are lazy, disorganized or just plain forgetful.

Engagement Matters 19: Use These 3 Steps To Maximize Your Speaking Gigs

Public speakers: If you make sales offers when you speak in front of an audience, are you also making sales on the back end? Serve more people by implementing the strategies discussed in this video. By putting the proper systems in place you can maximize your speaking gigs.

Engagement Matters 18: How to Resurrect Your Lifeless Blog in 3 Steps

Is your blog site a stagnant piece of marketing real estate that is losing its readership? One of the things we hate to see is an intelligent business owner who is missing out on major engagement with his or her target market.

A few ways to keep your audience engaged is to pump life into your blog by creating great content, promoting it and connecting with your readers!