FREE Webinar: 5 Easy Ways To Market Your Business And Increase Your Profits When You’re Always On The Go

You already know marketing is one of the cornerstones of your small business, but there are many challenges involved. With so many media outlets these days, even figuring out where to start can be extremely confusing.

And marketing isn’t just about “generating leads”— you need a steady stream of quality incoming leads, as well as ways to predictably and reliably turn those leads into revenue. You also need a way to do all this in a way that doesn’t dominate your time!

Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of easy yet powerful marketing strategies you may be overlooking, which you can use right now to increase the value of your relationships with your customers and grow your business.

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FREE Training Series: The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Business Success

Wearing all (or most) of the “hats” in your business can create some unique challenges. In a typical day, chances are you’re responsible for more than most people can realistically do in 8 or even 12 hours.

Do you find yourself struggling to…

  • Generate leads and revenue?
  • Manage or secure capital?
  • Identify obstacles and pitfalls around every corner?
  • Manage your time more effectively?
  • Keep up with the latest technology?

For most entrepreneurs, the answer is a resounding, “YES”!

That’s why I’m excited to announce a brand new FREE training series, hosted by Verizon Wireless, and created exclusively for you.

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3 Tips For Writing Like A Pro – Even If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

Developing high quality content is a critical component to being successful with your marketing efforts.

At the very least you need to decide what to say on your business card and on your website. If you decide to blog you’ve got to figure out what to write there, and participating in social media requires a steady stream of interesting, engaging and results focused content.

So, what are you to do if you have ZERO writing skills and don’t even particularly like to write?   Read more about 3 Tips For Writing Like a Pro – Even If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

Marketing a Small Business in 2012: Free Coffee Break Advice


Sydni Craig-Hart, founder of Smart Simple Marketing, announced that they will be hosting weekly expert conversations with professionals who will help small business owners implement simple, profitable marketing strategies in 2012. These “Take 10” ten minute coffee breaks will be offered free on the company blog and podcast channel.

Emeryville, CA (PRWEB) January 05, 2012 – Smart Simple Marketing, a San Francisco Bay Area marketing coaching firm, will be featuring industry experts over the course of 2012 to offer free, ten minute “coffee break” interviews. These interviews will provide expert marketing advice to small business owners and service professionals who want to increase their profits and get new clients this year.

Sydni Craig-Hart, the founder, said, “Small business owners are looking for actionable and practical ideas that they can put into place right away to get new clients or increase their profits. They don’t always have 45 minutes or an hour to spend learning from their mentors. This is a way to get simple, practical, actionable information into their hands FAST!”      [Read more…]

Simple Tips to Steadily Increase Your Profits (SSMS Episode 77)


Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastTo get profitable results, your marketing doesn’t have to be perfect. But it DOES have to be consistent! With simple, consistent action each day and each week you’ll find yourself steadily achieving your business goals and increasing your income. In this week’s episode I share some practical tips that you can use to create more consistency and start reaching your goals. Please let me know which ONE tip you plan to implement by posting a comment below!

3 Keys to Creating a Profit Plan That Makes You Money (SSMS Episode 74)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastWithout a solid marketing plan, it’s going to be more difficult than necessary for you to achieve your goals. I imagine you are part of the SSM community because you want to avoid that unnecessary frustration. So, in this week’s article, I share some specific points to consider so you can beef up your marketing plan. With these strategies, you’ll be able to create the systems and actions that will support your goals.

Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid

Social media is becoming more and more of an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. But unfortunately, due to the newness of the medium and a lot of accompanying misleading hype, many businesses are led astray. Either due to their own misguided social media attempts or using bad advice from inexperienced “social media experts”, businesses are making mistakes left and right. Read more about Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid

3 Keys to Getting Your Prospects to Hire You

hire meYou’ve heard me say it before. Marketing is simply a matter of sharing solutions with people who are already looking for them.  So, the point of your marketing messages is to encourage your prospective clients to take the next step with you: hire you to help them solve their problems.

But if you aren’t clear on that step or don’t outline exactly what they should do to get that help, then you’re leaving your prospects hanging and leaving money on the table. If you want your marketing messages to have an impact, you need to carefully consider what you’d like them to do next, spell it out for them exactly and make it easy for them to do so. [Read more…]

How to Find Out EXACTLY Where You Should Be Promoting Your Business

I recently reviewed my client list over the past 18 months to see where my clients had come from so that I could fine tune my marketing efforts. You see, Smart Simple Marketing is not about doing more. It’s not about doing the “latest and greatest thing”. It about doing what works and doing that consistently.      Read more about How to Find Out EXACTLY Where You Should Be Promoting Your Business

Find the Best Marketing Strategies for YOUR Business

marketing strategiesMarketing your business is not a one-time event. Rather, it is an ongoing process that you execute repeatedly to present your solutions to those that are already looking for them. To do this easily and effectively, you need a plan to follow each day, each week and each month in order to create visibility and attract a steady stream of leads. This plan should include specific marketing strategies that will allow you to position yourself as a problem solver for your target market.

There are a LOT of marketing techniques to choose from. So it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of marketing methods. But as a solo service professional, your time is extremely valuable (and often limited). Thus, it’s important to select the few marketing methods that A) make sense for your business and B) are not only effective, but that can be done consistently. Your potential clients are always looking for solutions, so it’s important that you remind them regularly of what you have to offer. [Read more…]