5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Spa or Salon with a Blog

Looking for a way to get new customers and grow a loyal fan base in your community?

Print ads and direct mail used to work wonders for businesses – but with more and more customers going online, doesn’t it make sense to connect with them where they are? Grabbing attention from your local clients is essential to growing your business and blogging can help you do just that.

By consistently updating your blog and offering your audience new information, your website will be found in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo – the places that potential customers are going to online to look for spa and salon services in your area. Your potential new customers aren’t looking to be sold to – they want information and solutions the challenges they are facing with their health or beauty needs.

To top it off, by publishing consistently, you can increase your search engine rankings. Search engines love new information! Each blog posts acts like an update to your website. The more often you update your site, the more often the Google, Bing and Yahoo will direct traffic your way.

With all of these benefits, you’re probably ready to get started blogging. But perhaps you’re wondering, “What should I write about?” That’s a great question and here are five ways to create topics for your salon or spa blog that will bring in new traffic and new customers:

  1. Highlight new trends.Spa and salon clients want to know that they are getting the newest and latest services. If there’s a big new trend in your industry, give potential customers the inside scoop. Think about how cuts, coloring techniques, manicures or other spa services change throughout the year – and then show your readers how to make use of these trends. You can highlight new techniques, explain seasonal changes in style and generally show off your expertise with this type of post.
  2. Introduce a popular product.Retail sales are the most profitable piece of your revenue mix in a spa or salon business – so this type of post can give you an edge. If there’s something popular on your product shelves, give it a spotlight on your blog. Share how a client used it, what her situation was before and what her situation was after. Show how using the product made a difference in her life. Not only will this help current readers learn about something new, other people will be lead to your blog when they search for these products online and may be inclined to come and buy them at your shop.
  3. Give your staff the spotlight.No spa or salon survives without a great staff – so give yours center stage on your blog. Creating team profiles on your blog can help you highlight their expertise, their awards and give your shop a real “face.” When people come in for the first time, they’ll feel like they already know your staff and feel more comfortable. They’ll also know exactly who to go to, to get the services they are looking for, which makes it quicker and easier for your receptionist to book appointments.
  4. Advertise special events.
    Is something special going on at your salon that everyone needs to know about? Give it some attention on your blog! Special events – from theme days to charity events hosted at your business – are worth spreading the word about, and your blog can be the perfect platform. Plus, it shows that your business can have a little fun and give back to the community.
  5. Share insider tips.Give your new salon or spa customers a few tips to help make their experience special. These type of posts can help them understand the lingo, your different service options and how to make the most out of their visit. It’s easy to take for granted the details and knowledge you have about health and beauty issues. Your clients are dying to know your insider secrets! So pull back the curtain and share with them! When you do this, you’ll be able to build more trust and credibility with your clients.

There are thousands of ideas as to what you could write about. But don’t overwhelm yourself! Keep it simple and get started using these five I mentioned. Use them as jumping off points to brainstorm some ideas and begin using your blog to get new business and increase your sales.

Get Your Existing Clients To Spend More

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