Engagement Matters – Episode 1: Direct Outreach That Gets Results

Check out our brand new video weekly tip, “Engagement Matters” and watch (2:21) as Wil shares a tried and true method we use to grow our business!

Then share your thoughts with us below! What questions do you have about how to use direct outreach to grow your business?


  1. Dear Sydni & Wil, Happy New Year! Thank you for posting this worth while video. I look forwarding to viewing others to come.
    I completely agree with Wil, that talking on the phone is refreshing, appreciated, and it will never get old, even in a more technological age. Perhaps even because of this high-tech age, I agree that people appreciate the more personal interaction that phone calls offer. This is something I’ve done more of recently, and still need to do regularly. Any time I’ve made phone calls, opportunities come my way and I’ve met other people to serve. Thank you! Best wishes, Beth

    • Hi Beth,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. The telephone is a beautiful tool. I’m am very glad to hear the benefits that you are gaining from using it.

      What other tools do you use that others may not to help you in business?

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! Picking up the telephone is one of the tools I will be including in my marketing strategy. Especially touching base with former clients.

    • Hello Diane,

      Thank you so much for the feedback. Let us know how your actions steps work out for you.

      When will you make your first few calls. We will help you with accountability if you need it! 🙂