Simple SEO Strategies That REALLY Work (Infographic)

Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is a marketing strategy that often eludes busy professionals like you and me. Yes, we know we need to pay attention to it. But it seems overly technical, time consuming and confusing to figure it out all out.

Not to mention the fact that the big search engines like Google (which is the only one you should really pay any attention to) change their formulas constantly, so keeping up with what works and what isn’t working could easily be a full time job.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of time. I’m pretty sure you don’t either. Thus, in order to make sure our websites are well optimized and doing their job (which is bringing us pre-qualified leads and helping us convert those leads to clients), we need a simple strategy that we can implement consistently and that won’t be overly affected by whatever changes Google decides to make next.

What IS working these days (in a BIG way!) is content marketing. Educating your audience and building a relationship with them by generously sharing your expertise is not only recommended, your target market expects you to do business with them in this way.

That’s why I thought this info graphic that outlines how regular folks like you and me can tackle SEO is powerful. It’s totally based on content marketing which EVERY one can do! This system makes so much sense and can easily be implemented step by step. Check it out and let me know what piece you can implement first.

NOTE: SEO Peace team with the help of its designing partner SERPholiC Media prepared this infographic picturing all possible SEO techniques that are not only working now, but also helping penalized websites recover soon after they fix their underlying quality issues.