Stay Engaged with Your Target Market Through Blogging

Engagement Matters Episode 34: As you read the summary of this blog post, you are connected with the Smart Simple Marketing brand. Unleash the power of your story and your expertise through the written word. You do not have to be a novelist nor a journalist in order to share valuable information with the people that you are meant to serve. When blogging, you can focus on the problems that your customers and clients face, how your company solves those problems and the BIG benefits that they receive from working with you. See, it’s easy peasy!


  1. I enjoyed the seminar that just finished. I have one quick question. You talk about email marketing and sending out interesting, relevant content consistently. Here’s my question: How does your blog content differ from the enewsletter? How often do you put fresh material on your blog–daily, weekly?

    I have written a weekly blog for several years ( ) and a monthly enewsletter THRIVE to people who sign up for it at speaking events. The blog goes to those who sign up on the site and, of course, those who visit my site. I am currently planning to combine the two mailing lists and send an email newsletter/blog twice a month. Do you have any thoughts on this strategy to cut down from writing 5 pieces of content to 2 a month (and maybe occasionally another one.)? I want to find more time to write ebooks that I can either sell or use as free resources on my website.

    Thanks for your comments. By the way, Leslie is a friend and fellow member of AWSA. She is going a great job and makes me wonder about doing webinars 🙂