Three Affordable Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

I get it.  You need some affordable marketing ideas you can implement without laying out a lot of cash. But how can you consider even affordable marketing ideas when the budget’s tight, your client base is small and you’re not quite so confident in your marketing skills?

Affordable marketing is easier than you think. In fact, you can start a new campaign today! After all, marketing is simply a matter of presenting solutions to people who are already looking for them! Using just a bit of creativity, you can implement these three affordable marketing ideas right now. Read more about Three Affordable Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Today

Best Marketing Tactics for Your Business

Marketing your services is what keeps you in business — so using the best marketing tactics to support your goals only makes sense. There are dozens of simple ways you can add impact to your marketing strategies — and many of them are right under your nose.

The best marketing tactics are the strategies you can implement right away, utilize with minimal effort, maintain on a regular basis and work into your budget and schedule. Here are a few of the best marketing tactics you can start using TODAY to create more profits in your business.    [Read more…]