Use Success Stories to Sell Your Services

success storiesAs a service professional, an important element of your marketing strategy is to highlight why you are THE premier solutions provider for your target market. When you showcase your expertise and how others’ lives and business have improved because of working with you, your services and products will be more compelling. You’ll increase your visibility and you’ll easily convert more prospects to clients.

But when you’re showcasing what you do, you have to be very careful about HOW you present your experience and your solutions. Far too many service professionals focus on the mechanics of what they do when they are trying to sell their services. You don’t want to make this mistake, because, honestly, people aren’t that interested in HOW you do what you do. All they are really concerned about is getting from problem (point A) to solution (point B) in the easiest, quickest and the most affordable way possible. So you want to talk about your services in a way that acknowledges that and clearly conveys your value. [Read more…]

Make It Easy For Clients to Choose You by Showcasing Your Success Stories

Your website is one of the most important pieces of marketing collateral you have. It serves as a hub for your services, portfolio, expertise and blog. More clients will find your website before they find you via social media, a referral or other marketing source.

One of the best things to leverage your website is to speak to your potential client through examples or samples of your work. This allows the reader to see a sample of your work before they ever pick up the phone to call you.

That said, be sure to showcase your most successful client stories. For example, if you are a service provider that offers interior design or organizing services, you want to make sure and take high quality “before and after” pictures.  This will highlight your work and show prospective clients what solutions you can create for them. But make sure these pictures tell the right story – in the right way.  This means NOT taking pictures yourself (unless you’re a skilled photographer).  Spend a few extra dollars to have high quality photos taken of your work. You can then use the photos on your website, and in your other marketing materials, both online and offline. [Read more…]