How to Get New Clients…When You Didn’t Follow Up Like You Should Have

It’s happened to the best of us. You had a hot lead, right in the palm of your hand and you dropped the ball.

All is not lost! Here’s how to re-capture the opportunity and turn a mis-step into a win!


Don’t Become a Victim of Disengagement

Engagement Matters Episode 38: How can you maintain your connection with people? It takes a conscientious effort of focus and practice. Think about the number of people you have met in a business setting over the past 7 months. With how many of them do you still keep in touch?

Learn how to keep a high level of engagement with prospects, clients and referral partners.

Engagement Matters 21: How to Fill Your Money Pit by Following Up with Prospects

You can create an amazing referral based business if you add a follow up system to your marketing strategy. If you are not doing a great job at keeping your promises that you have made to your prospects, take a look at this video post. Start taking steps in the right direction to keep your marketing funnel full of leads, prospects, clients and income.

Engagement Matters 17: How To Become An Engagement Juggernaut

Connecting with the right groups of people is important as an entrepreneur. Who are the people with whom you need to build relationships? They are prospects, clients and referral partners! See how you can become an engagement juggernaut by staying engaged with the groups of people who build your business.

Strengthen Relationships and Attract More Clients With A Personal Note

Getting anything “good” in the mail these days is a challenge.  Your mailbox is probably filled with bills, direct mail pieces (i.e. junk mail) and things you’d really rather not look at.  Think about the last time you actually received a greeting card or personal handwritten note in the mail.  When was that?  …Perhaps a long time ago.

The truth is, the times you receive a handwritten personalized note are likely few and far between.  That’s why when someone does receive one, it stands out.   This leaves a great impression on the receiver of that personalized note.

Paper and PencilSending a handwritten note to a potential client after a meeting is a great marketing strategy to implement.  One, you have the chance to quickly thank your potential client for the meeting.  Two, it keeps you on top of their mind as they are “thinking” about working with you.  Three, it makes you stand out from the crowd.  If they are “shopping” for service providers, they will be more likely to choose you for your great service, because they are impressed by your gracious follow-up.

But sending a handwritten note doesn’t stop with new potential clients.  This practice should be carried out throughout the life of your relationship with your client.  This means thank you notes when the project is completed, a card acknowledging the anniversary of their business, congratulating them on a BIG win, etc.  It doesn’t take as long as you think!  Taking 5 minutes to write a note will help you to maintain a great relationship with your client, will go a long way towards creating a satisfied customer and will generate referrals.

And, who doesn’t love referrals?

Happy clients will tell their friends, family and anyone who will listen about the great service you provide and the WAY you served them.  The next time your client hears about someone in need of the type of services you provide, guess who they will recommend?  YOU!  Why? Because they had a great experience in working with you and you are on the top of their minds because you stay in touch with them.

The type of card you send should be a mixture of personal style and polished professionalism.  First of all, send the nicest card you can afford.  If you are going to have monogrammed or personalized note cards designed with your business logo, take the time to hire a graphic designer to create a stylish piece.  Be sure they are printed on good quality card stock.  (You don’t want someone who is paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for your services to feel like they got a “cheap” card from a discount store.) Depending on your profession, you will probably want to avoid using the cartoon and caricature type of cards.  These may not support your brand or your business and could detract from your professionalism.

I’m excited to see how this strategy works for you and would love to hear the feedback you get from clients. Please share your success stories with me by posting a comment on the blog!

The #1 Way to Get More Clients from Your Website

There is one simple technique that can help you convert website visitors to potential clients.  Having a website is more than just a “necessary” marketing piece.  It’s a critical step in helping potential clients find you, and qualifying that candidate before they even contact you.

Part of your website’s “job” is to speak to your ideal client.  You’ve heard me say over and over again that identifying your ideal client is a critical piece to your success as a solo service professional.  By narrowing your target audience down to ONE person, you have a much greater chance of success because everything you do will focus on their needs, their challenges and ultimately the solutions they are looking for.

That is, the solutions they need and YOU provide.

The best way for them to realize that you provide the EXACT solutions they want is to speak directly to them through your website.  How do you do this?

Simple!  You ask them questions. [Read more…]