How To Know Exactly What Your Audience Wants To Buy From You

goldHave you ever presented a product or service offer to your audience that you were beyond excited about? But then quickly found out you were the only person excited about it because very few (or no one) expressed an interest? (This has happened to us a few times. You live and learn, right!)

Not only can this be an expensive waste of time and money, it can deflate your confidence. You can significantly improve your sales by focusing on developing the exact solutions your audience is looking for, instead of a particular idea that happens to be exciting to you. In doing so, you will increase your revenue and your audience will be more inclined to refer you to others.

So, how do you know what it is your audience wants to buy from you?

You ask them, of course! In most cases they will be happy to share their opinions with you.

Here are some ideas to find out what’s on the mind of your current clients and prospective customers, and what to do with that information: Read more about How to Know Exactly What Your Audience Wants To Buy From You

Creating Your Money Map and Unlocking Hidden Treasures

target audienceProgressive action leads to escalating RE$ULT$. It can be challenging to figure which steps to take next to grow your business. And when you finally do figure it out, it can be difficult to stay focused. Which is why I developed for you my proven “Create Your Money Map” system. It is essentially a guide to finding the hidden profits in your business.

The Create Your Money Map program, is designed to teach you many things about marketing, but the two most important are: Read more about Creating Your Money Map and Unlocking Hidden Treasures

Fill Your Practice With Ideal Clients by Becoming the “Go To” Person

Simply click on the picture to watch my video tips for you:

Take Action Notes:

  • To become known as the “go to” person for your ideal prospects, you have to show up EVERYWHERE.
  • Networking is a big part of creating massive visibility. But networking is NOT about selling yourself or going to chamber mixers.
  • Make networking fun by attending the events where your target market hangs out (such as a home & garden show, a car show, food and wine events – think outside the box).
  • Be friendly, be approachable and relax!
  • Get involved in the organizations gathering your people. Volunteer to be a greeter. Join a committee. Help plan an event.
  • Another way to create visibility and credibility is to offer to contribute content. You can write an article for a newsletter or blog. Offer to help manage their social media presence. Whatever you can do to contribute (with attribution to your site of course)!
  • Look for speaking opportunities. You can offer to do a 5 minute presentation, a teleseminar or a webinar. You could even introduce a keynote speaker or participate on a panel.
  • Whatever you do, make sure you set aside time to follow up with ALL new contacts to deepen new relationships and learn more about the people you’ve met. Remember, your fortune is in the follow up! That’s where the magic happens and you turn connections into clients.