5 Profit-Boosting Essentials For Your Small Business Website

Originally published at Hoovers.com

Your website is much more than an online storefront for your small business. If properly optimized, your website can become one of the most important resources in your marketing toolkit. It can help your customers find you online, generate new leads, enhance your authority in your industry, and significantly increase overall profits.

If a website is so important for running a successful small business, why do so many business owners overlook it? You’ve probably seen many bad websites: poorly designed, poorly planned, with little-to-no value for the visitor.

Many small business owners believe that creating a great website is too expensive. Others simply don’t know how powerful and impactful a website can be when the right tools are used.

Boosting profits with your website isn’t just about using the right website design. In order to increase your website’s ROI, it’s crucial to include five core website essentials throughout your site. These essential items will help…      [Read more…]

How to Magnetically Attract Ideal Clients

attract clientsI got this email in my Inbox a few days ago:

Greetings Sydni: I am so overwhelmed and excited at the same time with all of the information you provided on your website!

I have been an Admin/Exec Assistant for over 13 years and have wanted to start my own business for the last 5 years but never took the time to research how. I would love more information on how I can go through your training program and how much it will cost. I was actually referred by one of your current clients, and she spoke very highly of the program.

If you don’t mind, I would love to schedule a quick consultation call with you to discuss this program and how I can go from employee to entrepreneur within the next 6-12 months. My contact number is… Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you! ~ Our Next Client.”

Did you notice the first thing she mentioned? She was “overwhelmed and excited at the same time with all of the information” I provided on my website.

My website is full of articles, resources, answers to frequently asked questions, training opportunities and more. No matter what format the information is in, it boils down to this – the content is magnetic!

What is magnetic content?  Read more about How to Magnetically Attract Ideal Clients

3 Tips For Writing Like A Pro – Even If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

Developing high quality content is a critical component to being successful with your marketing efforts.

At the very least you need to decide what to say on your business card and on your website. If you decide to blog you’ve got to figure out what to write there, and participating in social media requires a steady stream of interesting, engaging and results focused content.

So, what are you to do if you have ZERO writing skills and don’t even particularly like to write?   Read more about 3 Tips For Writing Like a Pro – Even If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing!

Top 10 Tools for Effective Content Marketing

Your ideal prospects will only buy from you if they know you, like you and trust you.

One easy way to develop credibility with them is to create content to address their needs and share your expertise.

There are endless ways you can do this, but you want to be strategic in your efforts and have a content marketing plan in place. This includes outlining where and how you’ll distribute your content (i.e. blog posts, articles, audios, videos, etc.)

I thought this was a great article to share a few key tools that will make your content marketing strategy more effective.