Email Frequency: How often should you email your list?

how often should you email your list?

You click send, take a deep breath, cross your fingers, and mutter ‘the email frequency prayer’:

Please let me be sending this at the best possible time.

Please let people actually open it.

Please let people click on the links.

Please don’t let my email frequency be too often.


For many entrepreneurs, determining email frequency can be an ongoing nightmare from which they never wake up.

Are you sending your email at the best possible time? Will anyone open it? Will they fulfill the call to action you’ve painstakingly crafted?      Read more about Email Frequency: How often should you email your list?

The Top 3 Email Programs for Busy Entrepreneurs

top-3-email-marketing-programs-featured-imageFor many entrepreneurs and small business owners, email marketing remains something of a mystery. You know you’re supposed to be emailing your list, but when? How often? And what about?

Choosing a great email program takes a lot of the guess-work out of email marketing, because you can measure exactly how your emails are being received by potential clients and customers.

For example, you might enjoy a 33% open rate when you share your latest blog post, but only an 11% open rate when you send an email pushing a product or service you’re trying to sell.

This information allows you to get strategic with your marketing. In the above example, you might decide to make blog posts the cornerstone of your email marketing strategy, and incorporate your sales pitch directly into those emails, either in the P.S. line or the blog post itself.

Here are our top 3 choices for email programs that will help you streamline your marketing, track your results, and make the necessary changes to grow your business online.     Read more about The Top 3 Email Programs for Busy Entrepreneurs

3 Steps For Replicating Your Own Success

Entrepreneurs generally have a lot in common. We’re passionate about our work. We care deeply about delivering high quality products and services to the people who need us. We have a “never-say-die” spirit.

Another thing we have in common is a bad habit of focusing on what went wrong. We often lose sight of the great things that went RIGHT, especially when it comes to reviewing our activity over a period of time.

When you focus on the negative, you can make growing your business much more difficult than it needs to be.

If you don’t appreciate what’s working, you can easily find yourself stuck in a never-ending cycle of chasing the next “thing” (an opportunity, a marketing strategy or idea that you think will make you more successful).

If you simply focus on what IS working and tweaking that – you’ll get better, faster results with less effort.

As you reflect on your business, I encourage you to STOP and appreciate just how far you’ve come in the previous 12 months. Looking back on your growth helps you make plans for the future AND can encourage you to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. This simple process can inspire you and motivate you to dive into your next set of goals.

Here are a few tips for objectively analyzing your business: Read more about 3 Steps For Replicating Your Own Success

FREE Training Series: The Busy Entrepreneur’s Guide To Business Success

Wearing all (or most) of the “hats” in your business can create some unique challenges. In a typical day, chances are you’re responsible for more than most people can realistically do in 8 or even 12 hours.

Do you find yourself struggling to…

  • Generate leads and revenue?
  • Manage or secure capital?
  • Identify obstacles and pitfalls around every corner?
  • Manage your time more effectively?
  • Keep up with the latest technology?

For most entrepreneurs, the answer is a resounding, “YES”!

That’s why I’m excited to announce a brand new FREE training series, hosted by Verizon Wireless, and created exclusively for you.

Click here to grow your small business to its greatest potential.     [Read more…]

How to Create Buzz About Your Small Business

Every entrepreneur wants their company to be the talk of the town.

But how do you go about actually creating buzz about your company, products and services?

Watch as I share 3 simple tips you can implement today!

Easy “Keep In Touch” Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

One of the most powerful “secrets” to success is networking.

It’s behind the biggest successes in almost any arena.

The fact is that no one succeeds in a bubble or alone.

People succeed because they are connected in their industry or niche.

Are you connected in your niche?

Do you know how to keep those connections strong and valuable to you and the people in your network?

Watch this 4:05 minute video to discover some easy strategies that busy entrepreneurs can use to keep it touch with their network…


Network Your Way to a More Profitable Business

Networking. Love it or not, when done correctly, it’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to attract ideal clients and increase your revenue.

Entrepreneurs who don’t enjoy networking often feel that way because they have convinced themselves that they aren’t good at it. Another common reason for resisting in-person networking is that some haven’t enjoyed the results they expected.

Being effective at networking is certainly an acquirable skill. If it’s not one you currently possess, rest assured you can learn it with ease. If you happen to be great at networking, you’ll be happy to know that with a bit of ongoing effort you’ll continue to connect with ideal prospects and close more business.

So how does one go about using networking opportunities to create opportunities and attract ideal clients?  Following are seven simple tips that will put you on the fast track to success: Read more about Network Your Way to a More Profitable Business

Turn Your Limited Time Into MORE Income

Time=money. Are you choosing to act accordingly?

Ask any entrepreneur what their main goal is and you can be sure that increasing income is at the top of the list. Let’s face it. There will always be bills to pay, saving accounts to pad, vacations to plan – you name it – and just about all of it requires money.

So what’s a busy entrepreneur to do? You do what most small business owners do. You work harder. You raise your fees, repackage your services, work more hours to bring on more clients – and find yourself overwhelmed and still underpaid.
I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is a much simpler way to increase your income. It has far less to do with working harder and everything to do with being smarter about how you spend your time. Read more about Turn Your Limited Time Into MORE Income

Creating a Successful Business, One Completed Project at a Time

Emeryville, CA (PRWEB) January 11, 2013 – Marketing coach and consultant, Sydni Craig-Hart, will hold a complimentary webinar to help small and solo business owners to bring their great ideas into reality. In “How to Finish What You Start and Achieve Your Goals!” attendees will receive thirty minutes of specific, actionable information that they can use to kick-start their business and achieve more success in 2013.

This training event is ideal for owners who have excellent ideas but never find the time to complete their projects. It will offer insights into eight keys that Sydni has used in her own business, and with her coaching clients. Participants will learn essential skills to stay focused, complete important projects and create more money in their business. The live session is targeted at solving a common problem for many entrepreneurs: not completing what they start. It will answer questions like, “How do I find the time in my already busy schedule to see my projects through?” and “How do I stay organized without being overwhelmed?”

The webinar will take place on January 17, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. (Pacific) / 12:00 p.m. (Eastern). Interested small business owners who want to take action on their most pressing project are encouraged to register for the event at    [Read more…]

Goals. Resolutions. Ideas. Projects.

UntitledWhatever you call them, you have a list of things you’d like to tackle to grow your business and achieve your goals.

Especially right now so you can get your year off to a great start.

Unfortunately, staying focused, sitting in your chair and actually doing the necessary work, is easier said than done.

I get that. So, I want to help you out!

This is how you finish what you start

Join me for a FREE webinar (it’ll just be 30 minutes) where I’ll teach you a simple step by step process for planning, executing and completing any project you have in front of you.

This is how you finish what you start

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