How to Get New Clients…When You Didn’t Follow Up Like You Should Have

It’s happened to the best of us. You had a hot lead, right in the palm of your hand and you dropped the ball.

All is not lost! Here’s how to re-capture the opportunity and turn a mis-step into a win!


Engagement Matters 23: A Case Study of the Power of Following Up

You’ve heard us say “the fortune is in the follow-up”. Now we’re going to show you what a successful follow-up strategy looks like.

No matter how busy you are, what size your company is or what products and services you sell… you can apply the strategies shown in this video to create more leads and revenue in your business.

This might be the best 2 minutes of your day!

How To Host a Profitable Event – Even If You Have ZERO Experience In Event Planning

Profitable eventsYou don’t have to be a professional event planner to host a workshop or seminar that gets you clients and generates new streams of revenue.

However, you do need to pay close attention to the details!

Put your attendees’ needs first

Dates, times, locations and dress codes, these are things your attendees will need to know.

It only takes one uninformed (or worse, misinformed) attendee to turn a perfect night into a ruined relationship or a missed opportunity for your organization.

Fortunately, online tools have made it easier than ever before to plan, market and monetize a stellar event!

Here are five tips to make sure you “mind the details” to maximize results at your next event. Read more about How To Host a Profitable Event – Even If You Have ZERO Experience In Event Planning

How to Network for Partners, Clients and Dollars

Let’s face it. Most folks go to a networking event hoping to close new business. Is that the case with you?

If so, then you need a plan to make this happen. Simply showing up and collecting a few business cards is NOT going to create new money in your business.

Understand, networking is not about “working the room,” your elevator speech or closing a new deal on the spot. It’s about connecting and building relationships. Sure you can engage with prospective clients at an event, but you should also be on the look out for people you can collaborate with, share ideas with, partner with and learn from. The more you focus on building solid relationships and how you can help others, the more profitable your networking efforts will be. Read more about How to Network Partners, Clients and Dollars

Following Up = More Profits In Your Business

How many times have you attended a networking event, had a number of great conversations with ideal prospects, collected a bunch of business cards and never followed up?

Perhaps more times than you’d care to admit.

The bad news: You likely missed out on a number of key opportunities to deepen connections that could lead to an increase in revenue, a joint venture or more visibility for your business.

The good news: You can make the decision TODAY to commit to implementing a system to follow-up on all leads who express an interest in your business, so that you don’t miss out on any future opportunities.

To do so, you simply need to follow my step-by-step system for effective follow-up and prospect conversion:     [Read more…]