The Quickest And Easiest Way To Succeed In Email Marketing

Email MarketingYou have been asking this one important question…

I will answer that question for you, but first lets clear the air with a counter-question. “What has been holding you back from crushing your business goals?”

You may reply with one or more of the following:

  • “I can never stay focused.”
  • “I wear too many hats.”
  • “There isn’t enough time in the day.”
  • “I need more support.”
  • “I don’t know where to start.”

… (this list can go on for days, but we won’t do that right now)

So, the initial question that I know is on your mind is: “How can I be successful with email marketing?

THAT is the question I will answer for you!      [Read more…]

Quality vs. Quantity: Which Relationship Marketing Style is Best for Your Company?

Magnifying glass showing relationship wordHow you communicate with and engage your customers is the most important aspect of your business and your brand. After all, it is in building long-lasting connections that you build long-lasting businesses.

Just like your overall marketing strategy, your relationship marketing style does not come in a one-size-fits-all package.

Relationship marketing focuses on customer retention and the quality of engagement of the customer with your brand. Following is an overview of the two main relationship marketing styles.

Which one is right for your business? Read more about Quality vs. Quantity: Which Relationship Marketing Style is Best for Your Company?

5 Simple Steps To More Clients Within 90 Days

Problem: “I don’t have enough clients”


Paying clients are the lifeblood of your business. When you are faced with the fact that your client load isn’t what you’d like it to be, the first reaction might be to panic.

Instead of allowing fear to paralyze you, use your energy to take these five simple action steps:

  1. Commit to focusing on JUST client attraction for a period of 90 days – This means ALL of your marketing is solely focused on getting clients. Not working on increasing your Twitter followers. Not showing up at your local community chamber of commerce event “just because”. Not sending out random emails to your list.

 EVERYTHING you do needs to be focused on getting new clients in the door.

  1. Decide on whom you’re going to target – You can’t be all things to all people, especially if your goal is to enroll a few new clients over the next 90 days. Choose ONE target market and get clear on whom within that target market is your ideal client. (Our toolkit can help you: “5 Simple Steps to More Clients, More Visibility and More Freedom”.)

Since you don’t have the same marketing budget as Nike, you need to be CRYSTAL clear on who your perfect client is so you can spend your time, money and energy wisely. Get as specific as possible – write down a complete persona with your client’s age, gender, family structure, job, needs, personality traits, problems, goals and preferences. The more specific you are, the easier it’s going to be to find and engage the exact people you want to business with.

NOTE: Choosing your target market and creating an ideal client profile does NOT lock you into one type of client for forever. This also does NOT mean you say no to prospective clients who don’t exactly meet your ideal client profile. Choosing a target market and focusing your marketing on a specific ideal client profile will help you to get better results, in less time, with less effort.

  1. Choose specific marketing strategies to meet your goal – Depending on how long you’ve been in business and who you are targeting, you want to focus on 2-3 specific marketing strategies that will connect you with prospective clients.You’ll get much better results if you consistently focus on 2-3 key strategies (i.e. networking directly with your target market, following up with past clients, buying leads pay-per-click ads, etc.) than spreading yourself too thin and too wide.

Where is your ideal client already “hanging out” online and offline? THAT is where you need to focus your marketing efforts.

  1. Be consistent – Marketing to get clients does NOT work when done haphazardly. If you don’t have enough clients that means you have plenty of time to focus on marketing.Choose a dedicated time each workday and invest that, preferably at the start of your day, in taking action on the 2-3 marketing strategies you’ve chosen.

Don’t leave this to chance. Book an appointment with yourself on your calendar, take that appointment seriously and follow-through. Your business and your bank account will thank you.

  1. Track, track, track! – As you start taking action on your marketing plan, you’ll see what’s working and what’s not. Track every detail – email opens, click through rates, the email inquiries you receive, which prospects convert to clients and what they buy.The more information you collect within a 90 day period – the LESS work you’ll have to the following quarter. During the following quarter you can then simply focus on what worked and keep getting the same, if not better results.

You can completely transform your business within the next 90 days. I’ve done. I’ve helped countless clients do it. And you can do it too.

Don’t stay stuck in a place of fear and overwhelm. Just take the first step and keep looking for solutions.

You’ll be amazed at what kind of results you can create with a little focus and consistency.



Engagement Matters 14: How to Stay Connected with Your Target Market

If you want to increase the engagement with your target market, always be a problem solver. Think about the keep in touch strategies that you are currently using. How well are they working for you?

This video will take you step by step and show you why it is a valuable engagement tool for Smart Simple Marketing. Build your very own keep in touch strategy and be consistent to keep your target market engaged.

Turn Your Limited Time Into MORE Income

Time=money. Are you choosing to act accordingly?

Ask any entrepreneur what their main goal is and you can be sure that increasing income is at the top of the list. Let’s face it. There will always be bills to pay, saving accounts to pad, vacations to plan – you name it – and just about all of it requires money.

So what’s a busy entrepreneur to do? You do what most small business owners do. You work harder. You raise your fees, repackage your services, work more hours to bring on more clients – and find yourself overwhelmed and still underpaid.
I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is a much simpler way to increase your income. It has far less to do with working harder and everything to do with being smarter about how you spend your time. Read more about Turn Your Limited Time Into MORE Income

How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy That Makes You Money

I am often asked, “Sydni, how do I figure out a marketing strategy that will be broad enough to allow me to address a wide array of issues and ideas from a variety of viewpoints? I need it to be narrow enough that I have a niche and people feel I will adequately answer their questions.”

Let’s first define what a strategy is. Simply put, a strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a major or overall aim. You might also think of it as a checklist of steps that will lead you directly to achieving your goals.

For example, perhaps your goal is to attract 5 new clients within the next 60 days. You happen to be comfortable speaking in front of a group of people and really enjoy connecting with your audience that way. You also have specific solutions to share that can help your target market achieve a specific result or goal.

In that case your strategy might look like this:      Read more about How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy That Makes You Money

5 Ways to Use Your iPhone to Grow Your Business

I just joined the Apple family by getting my first iPhone a couple of months ago! I’ve been having so much fun with all the cool features and completely understand why when you go Mac, you never go back! 🙂

If you are a new user like me or considering getting an iPhone, I wanted to share a few nifty tricks I’ve discovered on how to grow my business using my trusty device:



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How to Market Your Business Consistently to Grow Your Income

organizeDo you find that your marketing efforts are haphazard and all over the place? If so, you’re not alone. Consistency is the one area where entrepreneurs often have the most trouble. It’s an area to give careful attention though, because in order to grow your business and your income, you need to consistently connect with people who are already looking for what you have to offer. (Really, that’s all marketing is.)

Focusing on just a FEW key marketing strategies at a time – and not spreading yourself too thin – is guaranteed to get you the best results. Honing in on these strategies and doing them week in and week out will ensure your target market remembers you are available to serve them and give them an opportunity to purchase what you have to offer.

Even if you are not a structured, scheduled kind of person, you can make improvements in this regard. (Believe me, it takes one to know one…I’m not the most structured person you ever wanted to meet!) Creating consistency with your marketing efforts is as simple as picking two to three strategies, creating systems for them and working your plan each and every day.

Here’s a few tips that I you can model for your business to help get your marketing on track and implemented consistently: Read more about How to Market Your Business Consistently to Grow Your Income

Enroll Your Next Client Within Days

reaching goalsIf you entered a contest that challenged you to enroll one new client next week, how would you go about doing so? Imagine that the stakes are VERY HIGH. The prize, $100,000 if you could just get one new client to work with you in your business. Would $100,000 be enough to get you excited about prospecting for clients?

I hope that you are excited because this is a reality. If you work feverishly to get in front of your ideal clients, you can truly operate a highly successful, profitable business! Think about why you started your business in the first place. What made you excited about being an entrepreneur? That is the very energy and zeal that you need to employ when you are marketing your solutions to the people who are already looking for you.

I want to share with you the strategies that we have used to build three successful businesses. First, I want to offer a disclaimer. If you don’t create a plan and WORK that plan, by doing what you need to do, you will not get new clients and thus build your business. Fair enough? Good! Let’s get started: Read more about Enroll Your Next Client Within Days

Find the Best Marketing Strategies for YOUR Business

marketing strategiesMarketing your business is not a one-time event. Rather, it is an ongoing process that you execute repeatedly to present your solutions to those that are already looking for them. To do this easily and effectively, you need a plan to follow each day, each week and each month in order to create visibility and attract a steady stream of leads. This plan should include specific marketing strategies that will allow you to position yourself as a problem solver for your target market.

There are a LOT of marketing techniques to choose from. So it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of marketing methods. But as a solo service professional, your time is extremely valuable (and often limited). Thus, it’s important to select the few marketing methods that A) make sense for your business and B) are not only effective, but that can be done consistently. Your potential clients are always looking for solutions, so it’s important that you remind them regularly of what you have to offer. [Read more…]