Questions From Readers: “How To Get Speaking Engagements”

Q. Hi Sydni! I was wondering, to secure speaking engagements, have you typically just volunteered to speak or waited for the call for speakers (or call for proposals), that sort of thing? Or do you volunteer, “Hey, I’m available.” Or send packages out? How can I get booked as a speaker? ~ R. Williams – Michigan, USA

A. You can start out by identifying the specific organizations you want to speak at and approach the educational coordinator (or whomever handles the schedule). Simply ask them, “Do you accept outside speakers?” Send them this question in an email and they’ll have to write you back and say yes or no.     [Read more…]

How to Market Effectively With A Small Budget and No Time (SSMS Episode 41)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastMarketing your business consistently and effectively is the only way to keep your pipeline full of ideal clients. If you’re having trouble implementing your marketing plan, it may be because you are allowing excuses to get in your way. Giving into excuses can only hold you back and can keep you from achieving your vision of success. In this podcast, I reveal the top three excuses for not marketing consistently– and simple solutions to bust through these roadblocks.

How To Host A Live Workshop and Increase Your Income (SSMS Episode 38)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastHosting a live workshop or training event is a strategic marketing technique that can increase your income AND create a new client base, all in the same day. While it might take months to develop rapport with prospective clients online, you can accomplish the same level of connection in just an afternoon with a local event. That’s what you call smart marketing! As an added bonus, you can charge a fee for your presentation and add a new stream of income to your service business. In this week’s podcast, I’ll share five keys to hosting a winning workshop or class that boosts your visibility and your profits!

3 Easy Steps to More Profits in Your Business

Most service professionals know that they need to market their business consistently to get great results. But knowing and doing are two very different things. It can seem challenging to market consistently when you’re so busy serving your clients, actually running your company, and trying to take care of and enjoy the other aspects of your life.

Without a doubt, effective marketing does require your time, energy, and consistent effort, but not to the point that it should be draining for you. It actually should be really easy. And in fact, once you build momentum and get the right systems in place, you’ll find that your marketing runs like a well-oiled machine, and support you in filling your practice with ideal clients and creating more visibility for the solutions you offer, and generating the income you need to enjoy the lifestyle of your choice. [Read more…]

Build Marketing Momentum and Increase Profits (SSMS Episode 37)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastAre you great at what you do and passionate about using your expertise to help others? Are you full of ideas and excited to solve challenges for your target market but aren’t sure how to put all the pieces together to create a profitable business? If so, you’re not alone. Check out today’s podcast for insights on how you can build momentum with your marketing, maintain that momentum and start creating more profits in your business!

3 Simple Ways To Create Additional Streams of Income

CoinsAt some point, many service professionals start to tire of trading their time for dollars, but may feel stuck in trying to figure out how to easily increase their income.  However, diversifying your revenue is easier than you think! Adding new streams of income will help you grow a healthy business and be of greater service to your clients.

If you’re only focused on adding more clients or more services to your solo practice, you’re going to limit your growth and stretch yourself too thin. Diversifying by using your existing skills and knowledge in a new way will help you save time, make more money and grow a stronger business.

[Read more…]

One Simple Strategy That Gets Clients to Say YES! (SSMS Episode 36)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastService providers of all types can quickly and easily increase their sales by offering bonuses and incentives. These will grab your prospects attention and make your packages irresistible. In this week’s podcast below, learn what types of bonuses you can offer to your clients to sweeten the deal and make their purchasing decision a no brainer.

Guaranteeing Your Services: Lower Resistance to Get More Clients

Service GuaranteeWhen a prospect purchases services from you, they have to overcome any resistance they have to spending money. Even if they know they need the exact solution you’re offering, and have the budget to spend on the services, there is typically a bit of a resistance. It’s a natural part of the sales process. As a service professional, part of your job is to help lower their resistance and move your prospect toward the sale. You can do this by highlighting your expertise, offering packages based on their needs and showing the value of your bonuses and incentives.

Another important part of lowering resistance is offering your personal guarantee. By offering a personal guarantee, you can eliminate any feelings of uncertainty that your prospects may be experiencing.

Some might feel hesitant at guaranteeing their services because they fear that a client will take advantage of them. But think about what you are guaranteeing. As a service professional, you are guaranteeing your service –not the outcome.

Your personal guarantee is much different than offering a guarantee of results. As a service professional, you may not be responsible for the outcome of the work that you do with the client. In many cases, your client needs to take action on what they learn from you to get the desired result.

For example, a  graphic design professional may know for a fact that great design leads to better conversions. But those conversions are also dependent on other factors – like how much traffic the client is driving to the website, what copy is being displayed on the website, etc. All of these factors are out of the graphic designers’ hands. She can’t possible guarantee outcome – and, the same may be true in your case. There are too many factors at play that aren’t in your direct control but that play into the overall success of the work.

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Boost Your Bottom Line with Bonuses and Incentives

Sale - Bonus - Best Price - NewOne of the best ways to entice buyers to grab one of your service packages is to add bonuses and/or incentives to make the offer compelling and irresistible. Bonuses and incentives can have little or no cost to you, but they definitely add value for your prospects. In your clients’ eyes, you are pushing your offer over the top and making it a “no brainer” to work with you.

Bonuses and incentives also have the added benefit of showing that you are concerned about your client’s individual needs and are committed to offering comprehensive services, which can lower their resistance to purchasing.

So how can you create bonuses that help your clients but don’t represent a great deal of cost to you? There are many different options to choose from – and it pays to be creative! Here are a few ideas:     [Read more…]

Create Profitable Packages in 5 Easy Steps (SSMS Episode 34)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastCreating a compelling services menu for your business is one of the most important aspects of your marketing.  Unfortunately, many professionals just slap up a list with prices and hope for the best! They are missing out on a great opportunity to entice their prospects and encourage them to buy. In today’s episode, I share how to create a services menu that conveys the benefits and results of your offerings AND compels prospects to sign up!