How to Network and Close The Sale

Networking to generate leads for your small business is a highly lucrative strategy IF you implement the 4 tips I mention in this video. Learn how to engage your prospective client and close the deal with ease!

If you haven’t already done so NOW is the time to sit down and map out your marketing strategy for 2014, including how you’ll leverage the networking opportunities you have to attract new clients and increase your revenue.

Pick up your copy of our “Create Your Money Map” toolkit and use our paint-by-numbers system to create a simple marketing plan you can implement with ease!

5 Content Marketing Strategies That Get You Clients

There are likely tens of thousands of people who need the solutions that you provide. It is up to you to make sure that they receive your information in a way that is going to produce the greatest results in the least amount of time. Content marketing is the way to create lasting relationships with your target market. Here are 5 ways to use content marketing to get more clients now:

In-Person Events – When prospects have the opportunity to connect with you face-to-face, you can build that all-important “know-like-trust” factor at lightning speed. Plus the event gives you the opportunity to extend an invitation to continue with what the audience has learned by working with you directly. To host your own event, you simply need a topic, a date/time and a marketing plan to invite your audience. Read more about 5 Content Marketing Strategies That Get You Clients

Year End Promotions Your Customers And Clients Will Love

There’s nothing small about the revenue potential of year-end (or holiday) season when it comes to small businesses.

It’s the time of year when your ideal clients are spending big, and — if you’ve got the right plan in place — primed and ready to spend with you.

As the season approaches, it’s important to identify factors that could influence your audience’s purchase decisions. Keep these trends in mind as you start this year’s planning and promotional strategy.

1. Your audience has gone mobile

Here’s a snapshot of what happened in the world of mobile this past year:

  • Smartphone usage in the U.S. increased by 50% (Kleiner Perkins)
  • The number of emails being opened on mobile increased by 330% (Litmus)
  • Tablet usage doubled in the U.S. (Pew Research Center)

Bottom Line: More people than ever are using mobile devices to make their purchase decisions. If a potential client can’t easily find and consume the information they’re looking for from their mobile device or if you send an email that doesn’t look good on a smartphone or tablet, it could cost you business. Read more about Year End Promotions Your Customers And Clients Will Love

5 Easy Ways To Kickstart A Profitable Email List

Did you know that…

  • 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. (
  • 7 in 10 people say they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the prior week. (2012 Blue Kangaroo Study)
  • For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. (Experian)

The numbers speak for themselves. Email marketing is a MUST DO marketing strategy you need to have in your arsenal.    Read more about 5 Easy Ways to Kickstart a Profitable Email List

How to Fix 8 Marketing Strategies You Might Screw Up!

You created a business because you have valuable solutions to offer and are in a position to serve hundreds if not thousands of people in your target market. The key however, to reaching these individuals is to put your message, your content out into the world… consistently!

How can you do that? I am going to share with you 8 marketing projects that will help you to spread and monetize the knowledge that you have. You likely have tried one or more of these already but haven’t stuck with them the way you intended to. Follow the suggestions I share below to draw traffic to your website, create visibility with your ideal clients and solve problems for the people that you are meant to serve. Read more about How to Fix 8 Marketing Strategies You Might Screw Up!

How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy That Makes You Money

I am often asked, “Sydni, how do I figure out a marketing strategy that will be broad enough to allow me to address a wide array of issues and ideas from a variety of viewpoints? I need it to be narrow enough that I have a niche and people feel I will adequately answer their questions.”

Let’s first define what a strategy is. Simply put, a strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a major or overall aim. You might also think of it as a checklist of steps that will lead you directly to achieving your goals.

For example, perhaps your goal is to attract 5 new clients within the next 60 days. You happen to be comfortable speaking in front of a group of people and really enjoy connecting with your audience that way. You also have specific solutions to share that can help your target market achieve a specific result or goal.

In that case your strategy might look like this:      Read more about How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy That Makes You Money