How to Create A Tribe Of Raving Fans That Grow Your Business For You

Build Yourself An Audience Of Raving FansDon’t you love it when you receive a compliment?

You likely feel validated, intelligent, successful and helpful.

Don’t you also feel more confident? Especially when the compliment has to do with your work and your business?

Of course you do!

Even better, don’t you LOVE it when you receive a phone call or an email from a prospective client and they say, “I’m reaching out to you because my friend Jim said you were the best person to help me with _____”?

If you want the people who already know you, like you and trust you to build your business for you, they have to be a raving fan of your work!      Read more about How To Create A Tribe Of Raving Fans That Grow Your Business For You

Engagement Matters – 02: Be Remembered and Get Referrals By Saying Thank You

Did you know that simply saying “thank you” to clients, prospects and referral partners can lead to more revenue and more opportunity for your business?

Watch as I share how to implement this simple profit strategy into your business!

The Number One Reason You Don’t Make Big Money

At the beginning of each year, we set our New Year’s Resolutions.  We want to lose weight, we want to exercise, we want to travel more, WE WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY.

Some of us are really good at setting goals, and we know exactly how much money we want to make – down to the last penny.  But, on December 31st, you’re sitting back and thinking about the last year and  you realize, hey I didn’t make the big bucks this year like I wanted to.

Why is that? [Read more…]