Profit Planning On Steroids

As a busy small business owner, solopreneur or self-employed professional, we invite you to answer this important business question:

"Are you completely satisfied with your income and business results?"

In other words, do you have plenty of money right now to afford the lifestyle that you want for your family?

If you answered “no” - and if you also know that you are great at what you do - then we need you to keep reading because we have some important information to share with you.

But first, let us paint a picture for you.

For the past several years, there has been a lot of talk about online marketing, multiple income streams and freedom-based businesses.

The new economy has ushered in a whole new era of entrepreneurship - one that provides the opportunity for small business owners like you to have more freedom, more income and a greater positive impact on the world than ever before.

But there’s also been a catch and maybe you’ve felt it.

While “the promise” does exist, very few people are actually experiencing “freedom”.

What are the challenges that you are facing in your business? If you feel that you have yet to obtain the "freedom" (and financial results) that you desired when you started your business, what is the missing link?

You are knowledgable about your business. You have the skillset needed to accomplish your objectives. So, why have you not found the hidden treasure of entrepreneurial freedom?

Most importantly, there’s one BIG issue that is being overlooked.

Let Us Unbury
The Hidden Treasure In Your Business

Are you clear on where you want to take your business?

Are you spending your time and energy on the right activities?

So many entrepreneurs get stuck driving on the road of day-to-day operations that they forget their destination. We will show you how to unveil that destination and get you driving full-speed in the right direction.

Another missed opportunity is the implement process that can hinder your progress. Oftentimes, you may know exactly what to do in order to reach your next milestone, but you have neither the time nor energy to get those vital tasks accomplished

These are the BIG opportunities that you have in front of you that is so easy to miss.

So, what does this mean for you?

A lack of clarity, focus and progressive action steps will make you miss the hidden gems that are buried deep within your business. There are HUGE untapped business opportunities buried within the products and service offerings you currently have.

How do we know this?

Over the past 8+ years, we have helped hundreds of small business owners (and a good number of large corporations) in 50+ industries to attract, convert and WOW new customers.

Now it's your turn!

If you are looking for one way to make a big leap forward in your business - we can show you how to unearth that prized gem!

Join us for a Profit Breakthrough Session. It is a private, 45-minute session that we are especially passionate about offering to you.

In this no-holds barred conversation, either Wil or I will help you get clear on important foundational aspects of your business.

We will train you to recognize and act on the simple action steps that will catapult you to realizing your business objectives.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

"The program really came through for me. It made me explore more in depth, much the same way I did when I first prepared my business plan. I had become a bit complacent and I was comfortable with my clients, I thought, but something seemed to be lacking. I've attended many networking events and formed relationships but still, it just didn't seem quite "all there" yet.

After working with Wil, I realized that I had a client who was not my ideal client and that it was dragging me down, as well as affecting my work for other clients. Because of that "ah-ha" moment that came directly from Wil's teaching a day later I "dumped the dud!" without burning any bridges."

Julie Moran

Delegate The Details

"Working with Sydni is simple and easy to follow. I found implementing what she gave me to be very easy.

I’ve gotten some great ideas on how to make money quickly by having a sale or putting together a product based on what I already have on my laptop. She showed me how to package what I already have in order to make some quick sales.

I was able to increase my email opt ins, start a successful LinkedIn group, do a summer website sale that lead to six new clients and re-launch my boot camp that led to three new clients."

Renee Moore

Much Moore Marketing

"When I connected with Smart Simple Marketing in late December, my business was not doing well at all. I had started earlier that year but was distracted, unfocused and simply unable to concentrate.  I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. I was desperate.

After working with Sydni, I now have a clear roadmap on where I am today, where I want to go and what I am doing. I’m now using a lot of tools to make my job easier – including a CRM, something I would have never attempted to use before. In the space of one week, I gained four new clients."

Angie Glotzbach


Here's Exactly What You'll Get With Your Profit Breakthrough Strategy Session

  • We will look at the success that you are currently experiencing as well as analyze areas that are challenging for you
  • We will help you discover how to turn your ideas into dollars
  • Strategies for quickly filling your practice with ideal clients
  • Clarity on how to use the resources you have to increase your revenue NOW
  • Tactics on how to automate and systematize your marketing efforts to save you time and effort
  • A step by step action plan to meet your 90 day goals

You will also recieve a detailed assessment of your business and a recording of the call that you review at your convenience.

If you are 100% committed to creating the success that you have only dreaming of until now, this is your chance to transform yourself and your business into focused, success producing machine.

Reserve your Profit Breakthrough Session by clicking the link below.

After you have submit the questionnaire, you will then schedule your 45-minute Profit Breakthrough Session and begin the transformation!

If you would like to experience more stability freedom or fulfillment than your current situation offers, then you are going to find real benefit in the Profit Breakthrough Session.

This 45-minute conversation holds the potential to transform your business and your life. Seize the moment. Reserve your session today.

See you soon!

Wil Hart & Sydni Craig-Hart