A Simple Way To Educate Your Target Market and Attract More Clients

Article marketing is one of the very best ways to market your business and your services by sharing your expertise.  By writing and submitting articles on a regular basis you are sharing your knowledge with your target audience and giving them a chance to get to know you and your work.  Articles are short (about 500 words) but informative pieces that give specific information to your readers.

Writing different types of articles can be beneficial to your target audience.  For example, the “how to” article can show them how to do something very specific.  It outlines a task, how to complete the task and a call to action.  Even if the “how to” article is actually one of the services you provide, it’s OK to give this information away because then your target audience will see how knowledgeable you are, they will start to build trust, and sometimes when they try to do it themselves, they realize they can’t and call you for your expertise.

Individuals searching for information online on the topics you write about will find your articles and appreciate the tips and strategies you share to help them solve pressing challenges.  In each article, you’ll include a “resource box” which includes a brief bio about you, a link to your website and ideally an offer for some free information.  By making the resource box really appealing, you’ll consistently drive traffic your work website and attract pre-qualified leads to your business.   The best part is since articles stay online “forever”, they continue to work for you 24/7 without any additional effort on your part.  Talk about Smart Simple Marketing, right?!

Article marketing is just like any other marketing – it takes consistent effort to yield results.  Posting articles regularly establishes you as the expert and builds your credibility.  If you don’t do it consistently or often enough, people forget about you and won’t take you seriously when you try to position yourself as the “expert” down the road.

Getting into a rhythm of getting your article done takes some planning.  But most importantly, it’s about developing a system to create the articles and publish them.  You’ll be happy to know that once you get the system in place, writing the articles doesn’t take much time and the process can flow smoothly.  This helps you to get the articles done in an efficient manner. Thus you will be consistently sharing valuable information with your target audience, while attracting ideal clients to your business and creating more revenue.

But actually sitting down to create the system can be a daunting task if you aren’t sure how to do it.

That’s why my colleague, Joshua Zerkel and I are offering a FREE call to both of our communities on Wednesday, September 8th, at 5PM (PST)/8 PM (EST).  We’re going to break down exactly how to create systems in your business so that you can apply the process to any marketing activity you choose! We both feel strongly that marketing should be simple and easy to implement and are looking forward to sharing the proven strategies we’ve developed with you.

If you are struggling with consistently doing your article marketing or implementing any other part of your marketing plan, you MUST to be on this call.

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Josh and I will be finalizing the content for the  call this week.  If you are struggling with any other part of your marketing plan, please post your comments or questions here.  We’ll cover as much as we can on this information-packed FREE call!