How to Market Your Business Consistently to Grow Your Income

organizeDo you find that your marketing efforts are haphazard and all over the place? If so, you’re not alone. Consistency is the one area where entrepreneurs often have the most trouble. It’s an area to give careful attention though, because in order to grow your business and your income, you need to consistently connect with people who are already looking for what you have to offer. (Really, that’s all marketing is.)

Focusing on just a FEW key marketing strategies at a time – and not spreading yourself too thin – is guaranteed to get you the best results. Honing in on these strategies and doing them week in and week out will ensure your target market remembers you are available to serve them and give them an opportunity to purchase what you have to offer.

Even if you are not a structured, scheduled kind of person, you can make improvements in this regard. (Believe me, it takes one to know one…I’m not the most structured person you ever wanted to meet!) Creating consistency with your marketing efforts is as simple as picking two to three strategies, creating systems for them and working your plan each and every day.

Here’s a few tips that I you can model for your business to help get your marketing on track and implemented consistently: Read more about How to Market Your Business Consistently to Grow Your Income

7 Tips for Organizing Your Marketing Efforts

organizeJoseph Ghabi once said: “Your life will begin changing the moment you decide that you want it to.”

I’ve found that the same is true for growing your business. If you want to see different results than what you’ve seen in the past, you must make a heartfelt decision to do things differently. You need to start with making over your mindset.

Mental blocks can hold you back and keep you from achieving your goals. When you sit down to work on your business are you clear and focused, or is your mind cluttered with ideas, client requests, overdue items and more?

The FIRST step to achieving your goals is de-cluttering and organizing your mind. When you do this, you’ll be able to clearly define what you want to accomplish and start taking the necessary action to achieve your goals.

If a never ending to do list, too many ideas for marketing your business, missed opportunities and a constant state of overwhelm are running your life, it’s time to clear out the old and get organized. When you do this, you’ll find that it’s easier to focus on marketing your business consistently and effectively.

Here are seven simple practices that you can use NOW to do just that: Read more about 7 Tips for Organizing Your Marketing Efforts

Five Steps to Eliminating Time Wasters and Increasing Your Profits

time wastersTime. It’s the most precious asset we have as entrepreneurs and the one thing we can’t get enough of. Many service professionals struggle with using their time effectively and find it hard to consistently market the way they should. While we can’t literally add hours to our day, we can use the time we have much more efficiently so that on a daily/weekly/monthly basis we are connecting with ideal prospects that want and need what we have to offer.

If you want to change the results you are seeing in your business, you have to change your actions. The truth is, you DO have the time to market consistently. You just need to “buy it out” from other activities and use it to work towards your goals. Follow these five steps to eliminate the time wasting activities that are holding you back from success:     [Read more…]

No time, no money and too overwhelmed to market? No problem!

time is moneyThe success of your service business depends on your ability to consistently and effectively market your solutions. So why is it that so few solopreneurs are spending the necessary time and energy on marketing? In my coaching work, these are the excuses I hear most often:

  1. “I don’t have enough time to market”
  2. “I don’t have enough money to market my business”
  3. “I’m too overwhelmed to market”

If you find that you have similar thoughts running through your mind, I have good news for you! There are simple strategies you can tap into to bust through these excuses and find the time, money and organization that you need to market consistently. Once you put these excuses behind you, you’ll be able to create the successful business that you’ve always wanted. Read more about how to effectively market with little time and a small budget

Don’t Let Discouragement Stand in the Way of Your Success

Think You CanMost of us have heard the phrase, “Perception is reality.”  And while it may mean different things to different people, it’s really about how your limiting beliefs, self-doubt and negative thoughts all play a part in your business.  Even if you think these feelings are only tied to your personal life – think again.  They can always interfere with your business.


For solo service professionals, your personal and business lives are often intertwined.  It is important to recognize this potential problem because it could actually be holding you back in achieving the business success you are looking for.   For example, let’s say you are just plain discouraged with your life right now.

Your personal life is less than stellar – maybe you haven’t had a date in awhile, or you and your significant other have been at odds with each other lately.  Then, you start to focus on the things “wrong” with your life and you get discouraged with everything, including your business.  You start to think that you can’t be as successful as you want to be because of your competition, lack of knowledge or lack of funds to take a continuing education course, or whatever.

Once you get “down in the dumps” about yourself and your business, that’s exactly what you project to everyone else.  That in and of itself will limit your progress.  That negative energy you are putting out to everyone and to the world around you will only attract more negative energy.

So how do you fix this? [Read more…]

SSMS Episode #8 – The #1 Thing Holding You Back from BIG Profits in Your Business

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastHave you set a goal for yourself and your business and find yourself struggling to make it happen? Are you wondering why having the business you desire seems just out of reach? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of solo service professionals feel this way. The good news is the answer is very simple. And it has nothing to do with the economy, how long you’ve been in business or what type of business you have. Listen in as I share the secret and how to overcome this common challenge.


How to Breakthrough Your Challenges and Get Back in Gear

It’s hard to believe that more than half the year is over.  It seems like time moves faster than you can keep up with when you are a solopreneur.  There is so much to do and yet so little time.

Breakthrough Your ChallengesIf you have felt “stuck” with where you’re at in your business, especially as it relates to accomplishing the goals you’ve set for yourself,  I want to assure you that it is possible to get “un-stuck”, breakthrough the challenges you’re facing and get back in gear.


First, stop being so hard on yourself.  Many times when I start working with a new client, I find that they’ve been spinning their wheels trying to move forward and are feeling very frustrated that they aren’t making progress.  It’s all too easy to put undue pressure on yourself and to feel buried under feelings of guilt.  All this is doing is draining your energy and distracting you from moving forward.

So, if you’ve been feeling this way…let it GO!  Stop being so hard on yourself! Getting distracted can happen to the best of us and if this has happened to you, it doesn’t mean you’re a “failure”.  You can’t change the past, but you can most certainly take control of your future, starting today. Forgive yourself, make the commitment to change and open your eyes to see all of the possibilities in front of you.

Second, take stock of your assets.  You likely have a lot of good things going for you in your business.  (You may have been too busy focusing on the “negative” things to see this.) So make a list of all the things that are going RIGHT.  Also, make a list of all the opportunities you have at your disposable.  The prospective clients that have expressed an interest in working with you.  The referral partners who would like to partner with you or send client leads your way.  The request you had to speak at an industry event or conference.  Also, I want you to start capturing all of your great ideas in one place so you can refer to them again and again.  Once you’ve organized your thoughts and opportunities you can start to see clearly what your next steps should be to take advantage of them and grow your business.

Next, set some achievable goals for yourself for the next 90 days.  This isn’t the time to focus on your long-term goals.  While I wholeheartedly agree that you should have a BIG vision for what your business can become and steadily work towards that, what you need to get back in gear right now is a few “small” victories.  So make a list of 5-7 things you’d like to accomplish that seem manageable, achievable and inspiring to you.  Then break this list down into actionable tasks and schedule these on your calendar so that you have dedicated blocks of time for working on your business.

Finally, I want you to reach out for support.  Just because you are a solopreneur, doesn’t mean you have to be “in the trenches” alone.  No one who is successful in business has become so on their own.  We all need a helping hand.  If you feel overwhelmed by all that you have to get done in a day, partner with a Virtual Assistant to whom you can delegate.  Consider working with a coach to keep yourself accountable and on track with your tasks.  If you really want to leap ahead and overhaul your business within the next six months, contact me about my VIP Coaching Program and enjoy the support of working one-on-one with me AND a group of likeminded entrepreneurs.

At certain times in my business I have faced feelings of being “stuck” and have had to work my way through the challenges I was facing.  By implementing the steps I just shared with you, I was able to breakthrough my difficulties, get re-aligned with my goals and start making progress.  If I could do it, so can you!

I’d love to hear about how you’ve conquered your own challenges and how you can implement today’s strategies in your business. Comment below and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

Leap Ahead to Achieve Your Goals With the Support of a Mastermind Group

Sometimes, the most difficult part about being a solopreneur is keeping yourself accountable.  When you’re the boss of yourself, there’s no one looking over your shoulder to see if things are getting done.  Of course there are clients, but since they pay the bills, getting their work done isn’t usually the challenge.

Growing your business and achieving your goals is often the biggest challenge solopreneurs face.

As a business owner, you know all (or almost all) of the things you need to do to make your business successful and prosperous.  For example, you know you should:

  • Keep your website up to date
  • Network strategically
  • Have a plan for marketing your business
  • WORK your marketing plan
  • Stay abreast of trends in your industry
  • Outsource non-revenue generating tasks
  • Keep your financial records in order
  • Invest in continuing education opportunities
  • Apply what you learn

…and the list goes on.

But, while your to do list and wish list get longer, there’s often no one holding you accountable to make sure you get things doneThat’s where a mastermind group comes into play and can be the critical piece you are missing to move your business ahead.

Round conference tableThe basic principle of a mastermind group is that like-minded professionals join forces and commit to helping each other accomplish their goals.  As a group, you celebrate each other’s victories and support each other in times of need.  One of the essential players in a successful, profitable mastermind group though, is a strong leader.

The leader of the mastermind group should be someone whose success you admire.  In other words, they need to be successful themselves first to be able to give you the direction you need to create the same type of success in your business.  Think about it, would you want to learn from a ski instructor who’s never been on the slopes?

Here’s what you want to look for in a potential mastermind group:

  • A strong, seasoned and dedicated leader that has created the same results in their business that you want to create in yours.
  • A group of like-minded professionals – While they don’t all have to be from the same industry, it helps if there is some common ground for support and they are at the same general place in their business.
  • Regular access to the leader and other members – A forum is a great way to interact with the group and get fast answers to your questions.  It needs to be a safe place, where no question is off limits.  You also want to have regular interaction with the group through virtual and live meetings.
  • A structured program designed with your needs in mind – Having structure is necessary to ensure that each individual receives what they need.  There needs to be clear expectations for the leader and each group members, which creates a supportive environment where each entrepreneur can thrive.

There are many benefits to participating in a mastermind group.  First, you receive ongoing support in your business from people who know and understand what you are going through.  While your family may be cheering you on, even the most supportive family can’t understand all the moving pieces in your business.

Second, you have friendly yet professional accountability.  While you won’t get beat up over not accomplishing your goals, a good accountability partner and/or mentor will help you identify why you didn’t reach your goals and then help you overcome those challenges.

Third, you get real life education while avoiding common pitfalls.  Working with a successful person as the mentor of the mastermind group will save you time, money and needless aggravation. Their insights and experience will help you avoid common pitfalls and give you the support you need if you’ve made a few mistakes.  And, ultimately knowing someone who has “made it” is a great motivator and will keep you inspired.

At the end of the day, you are still solely responsible for your success.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself.  Consider joining a mastermind group to reap the benefits of collaboration and help you leap ahead towards accomplishing your business goals.

Have you participated in a mastermind group?  Or are you interested in participating? Contact me at to find out about the programs we offer. We offer ongoing enrollment and certainly have space for you!

SSMS Episode #6 – 7 Simple Steps to Following Up and Creating More Success In Your Business

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastThe majority of entrepreneurs simply don’t follow-up on leads and interest in their business.  Their lack of diligence is costing them BIG time and they’re leaving serious money on the table.  But that doesn’t have to be the case with you! Listen in this week as I share my proven seven step system for effective follow-up and start creating more success in your business…TODAY!


Want more profits? Work your plan!

Last week’s article detailed the importance of developing your “Money Map” (a.k.a. marketing plan) so that you have clear direction on how you’re spending your time, energy and resources to attract clients, develop your business and make more money.

Once you’ve put forth the effort to create your plan, then what? This is where I see many entrepreneurs getting stuck. They go through the process of creating the plan and let it sit on their desk and start collecting dust. Or worse yet, they completely ignore the plan and run around chasing ideas, strategies or projects that have nothing to do with their actual goals.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’ll be happy to know there is an easy solution. You simply have to “WORK YOUR PLAN!”

“What does THAT mean, Sydni?” you may ask. Let me tell you:     [Read more…]