How To Concoct Undeniably Irresistible Marketing Offers

You know that feeling…

When it seems like your marketing is falling on deaf ears?

If your customer engagement feels more like a monologue than a dialogue, it could be because your strategies are not pulling the right response.

In other words, your ‘call to action’ (like click an email link) is either not clear or not compelling.

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of great ways to increase engagement and motivate your audience to respond in exactly the way you want (like make a purchase).

One simple way to pull a response and engage the customer is by concocting undeniably irresistible offers and promotions. Let’s take a look at what we mean by “offers and promotions” before showing you a simple, 5-step system to create opportunities your customers will love.     

What Are Offers and Promotions?

An offer or promotion is designed to inspire customers to take action by getting them to achieve specific goals.

A strong offer or promotion contains three critical elements:

  • It results in a profitable sale for you, even if you’re partnering with someone else to provide the offer.
  • It gives you total control over exactly what the offer or promotion entails, i.e. how big of a discount people will get and how long the promotion or offer will last.
  • It gives you a way to easily obtain buyer contact information.

Some of the most effective promotions regularly used by our clients include Facebook promotions, local deals, and trackable coupons.

So which type of promotion is right for your target market?

Find out now….

The 5 steps to concocting undeniably irresistible marketing offers ~

Step One: Clarify Your Goal

Each offer you create should have a specific marketing goal assigned to it.

Why are you creating this offer in the first place?

Your focus may be to…

  • Increase sales
  • Build your email list
  • Promote a cause or an event

Clarifying the specific goal of your offer will help you choose the right type of offer in step two.

Step Two: Choose The Right Offer

Once you have identified a specific goal, deciding which type of offer to use to achieve that goal is easy.

  • If you want to increase revenue, consider using coupons, product promotions, and local deals.
  • If you want to grow your email list, consider using social campaigns and digital (trackable) coupons.

If you get stuck, simply ask yourself “What kind of offer or promotion would my target market love the most?” Don’t be afraid to ask customers what they want directly via surveys or social media!

Step Three: Create And Control Your Offer

You now have a specific offer attached to a specific goal. Next up, it’s time to actually create that offer using the following elements:

  • Choose your app or software – if you’re going to create a survey or digital coupon, employ technology that will let you accomplish this in a user-friendly, cost-effective way.
  • Determine the price or discount you’ll be offering.
  • Decide the expiration date of your offer.
  • Plan how many offers/promotions will be available to your customers.
  • Brainstorm terms and restrictions that will increase the scarcity of your offer and encourage your customers to buy right now.

Step Four: Share And Promote Your Offer

Now comes the fun part – sharing your offer with the world!

Use your social networks and email list to spread the word about your promotion. Ask your customers to share with friends and family if applicable. You may even want to create a dedicated email campaign just for your promotion!

Step Five: Measure Your Results

Now that you’ve distributed your irresistible offer, launched the campaign, or unveiled the deal, it’s time to deliver on your promise.

Make sure you have a comprehensive system for redeeming coupons and dealing with other housekeeping items when it comes to your promotion.

As your customers take advantage of your offer, be sure to capture as much data as possible. In addition to tracking the number of participants, it’s a good idea to solicit feedback from your customers and find out what they thought about the promotion. This will help you create an even better offer next time around!

Concocting irresistible offers is a fun, easy, effective way to engage your audience while increasing your sales. Just remember to assign a goal to each offer, choose an offer your customers will love, and track your results for maximum long-term impact.