FREE Template – Dazzle Your Email List EVEN WHEN You Haven’t Written To Them In Months

Just say "thank you" to reactivate your listAt some point in your life you’ve had that “friend” who you only hear from when they need something from you. Usually, your love and affinity for that person helps you overlook their annoying habit of showing up with a request in hand. But wouldn’t you really love it if they’d be a bit more considerate and interested in you and what’s going on in your life?

At the same time, you likely have also had that friend that goes out of their way to stay in touch with you, is genuinely interested in what’s happening in your life and is always there to support you when you need them.

If I were to survey your target market (audience, client base, whatever you want to call them) would they consider your business:    re-

A) Like a friend who truly cares about them, stays in touch and adds value to their life; or

B) Like a “friend” who only shows up when they want to need something (i.e. to sell them your product or service)

What would they say?

If the answer is B, I have good news for you. That is an easy problem to fix… you just need to reach out, reconnect and start staying in touch.

You don’t need to go into a lengthy explanation of why you haven’t been staying in touch, you can simply send an email like this:

“Hi Firstname,

I wanted to take a moment to say “thank you”.

Thank you for _________________________.

Thank you for _________________________.

Thank for you _________________________.

It’s a new year and here at [INSERT NAME OF YOUR BUSINESS], we’ve recommitted to being the best [YOUR TYPE OF BUSINESS] available to serve your needs.

One of the ways we’ll accomplish this is by doing a better job of staying in touch with you. Every [WHATEVER FREQUENCY YOU CAN STICK TO], we’ll be sending you a quick note about how you can [SOLVE A SPECIFIC PROBLEM] and will include [TIME/MONEY/EFFORT SAVING] tips and updates about what we’re up to.

We’re so grateful for your support and loyalty over the years. If there is anything we can do to be of assistance to you, please just reply to this email and let us know.

Warm regards,



This note serves a variety of purposes. One – it says “thank you”.

Every human on the planet enjoys feeling appreciated. Your audience is no exception. Thank them for letting you be of service to them. For their support. For their referrals. You can express appreciation the same way you would if you were speaking face-to-face to one individual.

Secondly, it reminds them of the value you offer and the problems you solve. This opens the door for them to listen carefully to messages you send in the future.

Third, it sets a tone for how often they can expect to hear from you going forward. Plus, it gives you an “in” to re-activate your stay in touch program to deepen your relationship with them and generate more sales.

This is the SIMPLEST most effective way to get re-engaged with your audience and grab their attention.

No matter what type of product or service you sell, how long you’ve been in business or how poor your marketing habits have been in the past, this gives you a clean slate.

So, when can you get your “thank you” message out the door?

Post a comment below and let us know!

The extra accountability of sharing your reply with me will be a great motivator to help you see this through and get your marketing off to a great start in 2016.

Take Action Steps For This Week:

  1. Decide when you’ll send your “thank you” note.
  2. Post a comment below to tell us when you’ll send your note. (To truly support you in keeping you accountable, our team will follow up with you and help you reach your goal. Just let us know when you plan to send your Re-Activation Email and we’ll follow up with you personally.)
  3. Write your thank you note. (Don’t overthink it! Just write what you’d say to your favorite customer or client.)
  4. Send your thank you note via your email marketing system. If you don’t have an email marketing system – use ours for FREE).