5 Ways to Stay Organized and Be More Productive With Your Marketing

Marketing ProductivityIt’s not easy to stay organized and be productive when you’re running a small business. Chances are you spend most of your day wearing different hats, taking meetings and calls, dealing with clients and customers, putting out fires – you know, running your business.

No wonder marketing so often ends up an afterthought – the thing you do when you miraculously find a bit of extra time, or when a slump in sales necessitates swift action.

But what if you could not only get organized, but actually stay organized long enough to reap the benefits of increased productivity? What if you could establish some best practices today, for increased sales tomorrow?

While it may seem overwhelming, it’s not as hard as it looks. Here are 5 simple ways you can stay organized and be more productive with your marketing: Read more about 5 Ways to Stay Organized and Be More Productive With Your Marketing

5 Tech Tools That Help You Stay Current, Organized and Build REAL Relationships

You likely spend a significant amount of time each day connected to a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet or some other device.

Are you making sure that the precious time you’re spending is going to give you a return on your investment? If what you’re doing isn’t directly tied to helping you serve the clients and customers you have, attracting new business, or spending time with your family and friends, it would be smart to consider where you can make adjustments.

One easy adjustment is to truly leverage technology to help you accomplish the important tasks you need to complete each day – you know, the ones that create tangible results and aren’t just keeping you distracted.

Here are 5 FREE tools that will help your day run smoother and get you one step closer to reaching your goals: Read more about 5 Tech Tools That Help You Stay Current, Organized and Build REAL Relationship

3 Easy Ways to Absolutely Crush Your Daily Task List

Staying focused and blocking out distractions is easier said than done. In addition to the myriad of requests, messages and tasks that have to be handled each day, you also have to fight against your own bad habits and tendencies. Figuring out what works for you can be a process of trial and error, OR you can adopt strategies that are tried and true.

Following are 3 valuable tips on how to replace time-wasting activities with new habits that will empower you to be more productive, more focused and more effective during your work day: Read more about 3 Easy Ways to Absolutely Crush Your Daily Task List

Focus Now – 3 Tips to Channel Your Energy and Get Your Work Done!

step by stepCan you relate to this:

“How do I train myself to be able to focus like a laser and do things in a step-by-step process that makes sense?”

This is an excellent question because left un-checked; this habit will create a never-ending cycle of wasted time, wasted effort and unfinished projects that lead to an unprofitable business.

If you’re struggling with this challenge, here’s what you need to do: [Read more…]

How to Finish the Marketing Projects You Start

I learned from one of my first mentors, Michael Port, that being successful in business is really about starting and finishing projects. He also taught me that most business problems are really personal problems in disguise.

That means that if you struggle with procrastination and finishing what you start in your personal life, this problem can easily plague your business. You’ve got to get a handle on it; otherwise your work and your income are going to suffer severely.

Fortunately, learning how to complete your projects is entirely within your reach, no matter WHAT your background happens to be. The only thing you need to bring to the table is a willingness and commitment to developing new behaviors.

Here’s how you do it:      Read more about How to Finish the Marketing Projects You Start

7 Simple Ways to Beat Procrastination

You know the feeling. You’re sitting at your computer watching the cursor blink. You haven’t gotten a single thing done. You’ve worried about an important client project, all of the phone calls you need to return and made are making mental notes about the errands you need to run. You just can’t seem to stay focused long enough to complete any of the critical tasks in front of you.

Take a break and try these counterintuitive ways to get back on track and knock tasks off your to do list.





Read more about 7 Simple Ways to Beat Procrastination

Solutions For Your Productivity Challenges

I’m happy to announce that I am one of 7 experts taking part in The Productive Business Owner Telesummit, Oct. 17-21 (http://www.smartsimplemarketing.com/pbo). We each take a different approach but will all share solid information that can immediately be implemented for increased productivity.

Some of the things the speakers will share: [Read more…]

Overcoming The Challenges Every Solopreneur Faces

Being a solopreneur can trigger many fears that you may not have even known about before! You know that you have talent and a lot to offer your clients. Nevertheless, it’s not an easy job to keep your confidence up while you’re dealing with the realities of marketing your services, being your own money manager and providing great customer service to your clients. In order to reach your goals of profitability and success you have to develop the proper mindset.

One of the biggest issues that come up when you’re in business for yourself is the one of how to get and stay profitable. Women, especially, have issues with this idea of profitability. We tend to be hard workers with a passion for what we do and want to deliver an excellent product to our clients. However, we don’t always “own our value” in the marketplace. What does that mean? “Owning your value” in the marketplace means charging money, receiving money, and asking for money. Otherwise you may find that you are unintentionally running a non-profit organization!

[Read more…]

5 Steps To Being More Productive Each Day

When you’re a small business owner, maximizing your work time is key to the profitability of your company. So it’s important to create a productive work environment where you experience minimal distractions and can focus on running your business. Use the following strategies to get more out of your day so you can increase your productivity and your profits:      [Read more…]