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Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition to Increase Revenues

Everyone has a special quality that makes them unique. What makes you…YOU?

Being able to identify your unique selling proposition is critical to creating more revenue in your business. The more you can distinguish yourself from your colleagues and leverage your unique skills, the more your ideal clients will want to work with you and the higher fees you can command.

You can think of your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as part of your “expertise” and what sets you apart from other people in your profession. By focusing on your special skills and qualities and setting yourself apart from your competition, your ideal clients will view you as the expert that you are and be more inclined to engage your services. Keep in mind, anyone seeking the support of a service professional ALWAYS wants to work with the best of the best. [Read more…]

Outsource To Market Consistently and Create More Profits In Your Business

How many times have you heard that you have to market your business consistently to keep your client pipeline full? Probably too many times to keep track of. One of the biggest challenges solo service professionals face is scheduling time to market their business.

To overcome this common challenge, you need to take a step back and ask yourself “why” you don’t schedule time to market your business consistently. What is it that’s holding you back?

For many, marketing seems like an complicated, time-consuming task. It doesn’t matter what the task actually is, because it often seems overwhelming. The key to success here is to break your marketing projects down into simple individual tasks, that you can easily manage. Getting the work done then includes doing part of the work yourself and then delegating and automating the rest. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Networking That Makes You Money

Highly effective networkingFor most small business owners, in-person networking is a significant piece of their ongoing marketing strategy.

Getting out and meeting the right people is often the quickest way to enroll new clients into your practice and generate additional revenue.

Though networking can open the door to numerous opportunities, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s one of your favorite activities. I know a fair number of entrepreneurs who dread networking and consider it to be a necessary “evil” of running a business.

Whether you LOVE networking or do it out of sheer necessity, I’m confident you want to enjoy the best possible results at every opportunity. Following are some of my proven, smart, simple tips on how to use this strategy effectively to connect with your ideal clients and create opportunities to grow your business:     [Read more…]