Questions From Readers: How To Get Started With Video Marketing

Q. “I see that you have incorporated some video into your website. How do you create those? I mean, I try to blog once or twice a week but I’ve never done the video blogging thing. I didn’t even have a YouTube page just yet. How do I get started?” ~ C. Chapelle, New York, NY      [Read more…]

Questions From Readers: What do I write about?

Q. Hi Sydni! I keep hearing you talk about the benefits of content marketing and I really want to use this strategy in my business. I’ve started an email newsletter (that I don’t keep up with consistently) and I’ve also started a blog but it looks rather sparse. One thing that holds me back is trying to figure out what I should write about? I don’t want to sound like everyone else, but I don’t think I have anything original to say. Can you offer some suggestions on topics I can write about that will be interesting to my audience? Thank you! ~ A. Taylor – San Francisco, CA [Read more…]

Questions From Readers: “How To Get Speaking Engagements”

Q. Hi Sydni! I was wondering, to secure speaking engagements, have you typically just volunteered to speak or waited for the call for speakers (or call for proposals), that sort of thing? Or do you volunteer, “Hey, I’m available.” Or send packages out? How can I get booked as a speaker? ~ R. Williams – Michigan, USA

A. You can start out by identifying the specific organizations you want to speak at and approach the educational coordinator (or whomever handles the schedule). Simply ask them, “Do you accept outside speakers?” Send them this question in an email and they’ll have to write you back and say yes or no.     [Read more…]

Questions from Readers: “How to Talk About What I Do”

Q. “Hi! it was such a pleasure meeting you Sydni! The information you shared was beyond helpful! Thank you!  A question I wanted to ask: In your opinion how or what would be a good and effective way to tell about what it is that I do?  (In other words, how can I say it? I’d like your opinion please.) I have had formal coach and counseling training and experience. I remember you said people don’t care about that. I know I make a difference in peoples lives.  I usually share my gift to help family and friends.  They do not pay me but when they have followed my instructions the results have been great for them. Thank you in advance for your help!” ~ C.S.H. – Oakland, CA     [Read more…]