List Building Tips To Get More Clients

email marketingEmail marketing is, by far, the most cost effective online marketing strategy around. A recent statistic I read shared that for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. (Source: Experian)

To utilize email marketing, however, of course you must have a list of people to send your emails to. In addition, you need to be continually looking for ways to get more strategic and creative about how you build your list.

Not doing so will really limit your potential for long-term success. Because, while your current contacts may be generating sales for you today, it’s possible they may outgrow your business. So having a cycle of new customers, clients, and prospects opting in to build a relationship with and sell to ensures that your business will remain profitable for months and years to come.

Plus, as your contact list grows, you’re expanding to reach more people who can help your business grow by becoming repeat customers and spreading the word about your business.

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How to Choose Your Blog Platform

Blogging has been by far one of THE most effective strategies I’ve used to drive traffic to my website and build my list of pre-qualified leads.

I strongly believe that every business should have a blog because it allows your target market to get to know you, like you and trust you, which then encourages them to seek out your expertise. Hence, I often recommend this strategy to my clients and students to help them create more visibility for their work.

Often one of the first questions new bloggers ask is, where do I set up my blog for the best results? Excellent questions. There are many, many options available and which one you choose really depends upon your personal preferences and level of comfort with online technology. Read more about How to Choose Your Blog Platform