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Anatomy of an Email: How to Craft Emails that Get Opened and Clicked

Email Marketing Blueprint Why do some of your emails get high open rates, while others sit in people’s inboxes collecting dust?

If your open rates and click-through rates are inconsistent, it could be because you’re not following a strategic email blueprint.

This post will outline the specific elements that should be included each and every time you email your list.

The more consistent you are in including these items, the more consistent your open rates will be!     Read more about Anatomy of Email: How to Craft Emails that Get Opened and Clicked

Stay Engaged with Your Target Market Through Blogging

Engagement Matters Episode 34: As you read the summary of this blog post, you are connected with the Smart Simple Marketing brand. Unleash the power of your story and your expertise through the written word. You do not have to be a novelist nor a journalist in order to share valuable information with the people that you are meant to serve. When blogging, you can focus on the problems that your customers and clients face, how your company solves those problems and the BIG benefits that they receive from working with you. See, it’s easy peasy!

How To Get Found Online By Your Ideal Customers Who Are Looking For You

One of the things that really frustrates me is that there is SO much noise about how to properly market your business online. A lot of it is very technical, down-in-the-weeds stuff that many business owners don’t have the time to figure it out, or just don’t have the time to try to implement all the hundreds of things that people are telling them need to do. This can include things like:

  • Link building campaigns
  • Meta tags
  • Social media signals
  • Off-page factors
  • Etc.

It’s hard to make sense of all that and how that turns into happy customers coming in my front door. I’m busy just running my business, and I don’t want to get all frustrated trying to figure this stuff out, much less spend time on it. I’m in business because I like what I’m doing as a business owner.

So we’ve put together an online training program called Get Found Online Today that is specifically designed for business owners who don’t want to spend a bunch of time figuring it out. They just want to get to the core of what they need to do to get found when their customers are looking for them, nothing more. We break it down into bite-sized pieces that you can implement easily. Most of search engine optimization (SEO) is a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing, and not something that you have to fiddle with all the time.

A lot of people are worried about all the rule changes that Google is making all the time, and reacting to them (or worrying that they should be reacting to them). Instead, we’ve built a process that you can put into place for your business now, and forget about the rule changes. This isn’t trickery, it’s a simple process that we call The Five Core Principles of Online Marketing. These are the five baby steps that any busy business owner can put in place now, and succeed at finding new customers online.

We think that this is so important, that we’ve decided to give away the first three lessons for free. They will cover the fundamental mistakes we see on 92% of the websites that are out there. The good news? Your competitors are probably making these same mistakes. The bad news? You probably are too. But we’re going to show you exactly how to identify them, and FIX them. This gives you a leg up over your competition.

We’re only going to hold the registration window open for a short while, so please register quickly before all the spots are gone.


Why Every Great Email Includes These 5 Things

Checklist with blue pencil isolated on whiteGreat email marketing isn’t a mystery.

While we may never know why some Youtube videos go viral and others don’t, it’s easy to tell why some emails succeed and others get sent straight to the trash folder.

Great emails – the kind that get opened, clicked, shared and saved to read again – always contain these 5 crucial elements. Do yours?      Read more about Why Every Great Email Includes These 5 Things

Grow Your Business By Creating A Community

Engagement Matters Episode 33: Do you want customers and clients to stick around with your company for months and years to come? Then give them plenty of reason to do so. Learn how you can build communities of prospects and clients.

How to Create Systems to Simplify Your Email Marketing

fashion designer doing budgetYou need to have strong email marketing systems in place in order to effectively monetize your email list.


Because sending out email marketing without having systems in place is like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks.

Without systems, your email:

  • Might get opened, it might not.
  • Might get sent on a Wednesday, or maybe a Friday. That is, if you remember to do it in the first place.
  • May do more harm than good in terms of creating strong relationships with your list members.

Let’s take a look at how to create strong email systems that will ensure a healthy, growing email list made up of targeted prospects and customers who can’t wait to buy from you.     Read more about How to Create Systems to Simplify Your Email Marketing

Why eNewsletters is One of the Best Engagement Tools

Engagement Matters Episode 32: Publishing an enewsletter regularly is one of the best marketing strategies known. Why is this the case? Another question you may have is, ‘How do I structure an effective enewsletter’. This video will show you how.

3 Ways to Monetize Your List with Affiliate Offers

affilliate marketing word cloudYour customers have specific needs, needs that you’re working hard to fulfill and over-deliver with practical solutions.

The #1 rule of small business is that you can’t be all things to all people. Sometimes your customers need things your business can’t provide.
When that happens, incorporating affiliate offers into your email marketing is the best way to keep your customers happy while supplementing your revenue with affiliate commission.
When incorporated into your email marketing, affiliate offers can:     Read more about 3 Ways to Monetize Your List with Affiliate Offers

How to Get Comfortable with Discomfort

Engagement Matters Episode 31: One of the best ways to improve your business is to eliminate your mental space of all self-imposed roadblocks. Do you suffer from lack of action because you are fearful. You may have fear of failure, fear of mistakes or even fear of success! You can avoid this by applying the 3 steps mention in this video.