3 Steps to Paying Special Attention to Each Client

Clients are the lifeblood of your business – without them you wouldn’t have a business! To keep them coming back, you need to cater to their needs. To effectively cater to those needs, learn everything you can about the client. Follow this three step formula to craft business-boosting offers:

1. Develop an intake process. Learning about your client starts with her first visit. Develop an intake process that will collect information about her. You could use an intake form or put a personal touch on the process and have one of your reception staff do a short intake interview. Find out what kind of work she does, whether she is single, if she has children, etc. Does she have hobbies that will affect her beauty regimen? For example, if she spends a lot of time outdoors, her skin and hair will need extra attention to prevent drying and sun damage. Ask for important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries.

2. Gather information during service. Train your service providers to listen to their clients. The consultation prior to a service is vital. Your staff should let the client speak and voice her concerns. Train your staff to guide the client to the best service but also to take the concerns seriously. If she has never been waxed, for example, she may be fearful of the pain involved. It’s important that the service provider not brush off those concerns. Staff should make sure the client is comfortable and understands what the process is. Your staff’s job is to make sure the client has all the information she needs and feels good about proceeding with the service.

After the initial consultation, service providers should continue gathering information. Train your staff to engage in conversations and really listen. For example, you can give your staff a list of questions to help draw the client out. The goal is to learn as much as possible about her.

3. Craft your special offer. The last step is crafting a special offer based on w hat you learned. Bridal services are obvious, but the possibilities are endless for clients in other situations.

For example:

  • Clients who received services for the first time are ideal candidates for a discount off their next appointment.
  • For clients who have children, you could do a mommy pampering package. Or create a first date package including hair and makeup to offer to single women.
  • For upcoming birthdays or anniversaries, offer a free service like eyebrow shaping, makeup or an express manicure.
  • For business women offer consultations on looking good while traveling or a massage when she returns.
  • Create a “power hour” package including blow-dry, makeup and an express manicure for a client who has a speaking engagement.

Whatever her situation, with a little creativity you can come up with the perfect offer. Pay special attention to every client, starting as soon as she comes through your door. Learning everything you can about your client is the key to crafting an offer based on her needs. Keep your clients coming back with targeted offers just for them and their needs.