Engagement Matters – Episode 1: Direct Outreach That Gets Results

Check out our brand new video weekly tip, “Engagement Matters” and watch (2:21) as Wil shares a tried and true method we use to grow our business!

Then share your thoughts with us below! What questions do you have about how to use direct outreach to grow your business?

7 Easy Ways To Increase Your Income With Past Clients

Studies consistently show that clients who have purchased from you once are likely to do so again, IF they are given the opportunity to do so.  In fact, INC magazine says that Acquiring new customers is expensive (five to ten times the cost of retaining an existing one), and the average spend of a repeat customer is a whopping 67 percent more than a new one.”

If you take a moment to think back on your best client experiences, the ones that got best results and who you enjoyed working with the most, wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to work with them again? Read more about 7 Ways To Increase Your Income With Past Clients

Local Networking Secrets: How to Greet Your Way to New Clients

Do you attend local networking events? Being part of formal referral and networking groups has been a big part of my success in growing two successful businesses in the past 6 years. Keep in mind that your networking doesn’t have to be limited to official events. I’ve used a terrific technique lately that is low-stress, low-pressure and very effective for connecting with new prospects.

Here’s what I do:

• I create a list of businesses in the area that would be a good fit for my services.
• After researching them (and noting what’s wrong with their marketing presence), I stop by casually while I’m out running errands or volunteering.
• During this meeting, I introduce myself, have a brief chat to gather some details, schedule a follow up meeting and leave my business card.
• During the follow-up appointment we discuss their needs, challenges and I propose a few solutions. This leads to a conversation about how we can work together and grow their business.
• They choose one of my consulting packages and we get started!

Meeting potential clients this way is effective because it’s very personal. It doesn’t feel pushy for the business owners or the staff. They get to meet me face to face and as a result they are more inclined to meet with me for the follow up appointment. I’m no longer a stranger, I’m Sydni – that nice lady that stopped by the other day.

Here’s how to put this technique to work for your business:      Read more about Local Networking Secrets: How to Greet Your Way to New Clients