Critical Website Mistakes – Is Your Site Driving Away Clients?

Head in hands ladyYour website is the number one marketing resource for your business. But far too many small business owners aren’t using this important online real estate to its full potential. With the wrong approach, your website goes from a marketing asset to a liability.

Even if you’re not a web designer, you can follow a few basic principles (and get the right help) to make your website all that it should be. Here are five critical website mistakes that you need to fix immediately:

  1. Working with no plan.You know you need a website – but do you know why? If you’re just throwing up a few pages and hoping for the best, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities and potential clients. You have to work with a plan and decide what you want your website to do. Is it a gateway to purchasing your package or system? Is it a way to show off your credibility? Is it a platform to develop thought leadership in your industry? Its okay if it’s a little of all three, but you need to decide what you want your website to do so you can develop a cohesive plan.

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A Simple Analysis That Defeats Marketing Paralysis – Part 2 of 3

marketing decisionsYou may be familiar with the phrase, “throw enough against a wall and something is bound to stick.” That might be true, but as you market your business (which is really just sharing solutions with people who are already looking for them) wouldn’t you rather know what is going to stick before you start? This trial and error method will eventually become exhausting. You’ll waste a lot of time and energy and end up with one ugly and messy “wall” in your business.

When it comes to increasing your profits, you want to focus your attention on the activities that will get you the best results in the shortest amount time possible. The only way you’ll know which strategies work the best is if you track where your clients are coming from. (If you would like a FREE copy of our client tracking tool, click here NOW.) By tracking your efforts and completing a quick and easy analysis you will see clearly: Read more about A Simple Analysis That Defeats Marketing Paralysis – Part 2 of 3

A Simple Analysis That Defeats Marketing Paralysis – Part 1 of 3

The term analysis paralysis is fitting when a person over-analyzes a situation to the point where a decision is avoided or action is not taken, thus paralyzing the outcome.

shortest pathSuccess ALWAYS responds to decisive action. So even if an action you take leads to an outcome you didn’t expect, it doesn’t mean you’ve made a mistake. The goal is to create results!

Make this easy on yourself! Instead of wasting time and energy worrying about which step to take next, review what you’ve done in the past to help determine what you should be doing now and into the future.      Read more about A Simple Analysis That Defeats Marketing Paralysis – Part 1 of 3

Networking For Profits (Even If You Hate Networking) – SSM “Take 10″ Episode #7


Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastPerhaps you love networking. Or not. Either way, it’s a simple and highly effective way to create more profits in your business. Listen in as my friend Devora Zack, author of “Networking for People Who Hate Networking” and a veteran consultant shares her best networking tips. (She’s been in business for 15 years and is 100% referral based!) Click on the play button above to listen in.

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Top 10 Tools for Effective Content Marketing

Your ideal prospects will only buy from you if they know you, like you and trust you.

One easy way to develop credibility with them is to create content to address their needs and share your expertise.

There are endless ways you can do this, but you want to be strategic in your efforts and have a content marketing plan in place. This includes outlining where and how you’ll distribute your content (i.e. blog posts, articles, audios, videos, etc.)

I thought this was a great article to share a few key tools that will make your content marketing strategy more effective.

4 Steps to Powerful Subject Lines That Get Results

Your subject line can make or break your email marketing efforts.

With the right subject line, you’ll make an impact with your list members and encourage them to open your email and take a look inside. Also, you can increase your sales, deepen your connection and be more valuable to the recipients of your messages.

There are four simple steps to creating more profitable subject lines:      Read more about 4 Steps to Powerful Subject Lines That Get Results

Simple Tracking Tips for Better Marketing Results

measure successIf you want to get the best results from your marketing efforts, you’ve got to be strategic in your approach. Choosing the right strategies for your business starts with selecting techniques that fit your goals and the solutions your ideal prospects are looking for. Then you need to IMPLEMENT those techniques and consistently track your results.

Without tracking, you won’t know what’s working and what’s not. Nor will you know if you have met the goals you have set for yourself. If you don’t measure what you’re doing, it’s like throwing “stuff” against the wall to see what sticks, but with your back turned so you can’t see what has actually stuck.

Testing and tracking your results will help you be more strategic in your efforts AND save you time and money. With each step you take you’ll get closer and closer to the right marketing mix that will work for your business.

Here’s how to use tracking and testing to grow your business: Read more about Simple Tracking Tips for Better Marketing Results