3 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Increase Attendance At Your Events

Speaking EngagementThis one strategy can give you the boost you need…

Would you implement one new marketing strategy if you could double or even triple your income?

Hosting a live event can help you reach your revenue goals faster and more effectively than online marketing efforts alone.

By combining online marketing and online registration with the unparalleled power of a live event, you can dramatically increase your leads, connections, and profits both online and offline.

If you’ve been thinking of hosting an event but aren’t sure where to start, our 3-step system will help you… [Read more…]

4 Email Marketing Secrets That You Need To Deploy… NOW

Email marketing - powerful strategyYou need to know this…

That is the reason I will share all of the details with you right here, right now.

As a small business owner, roughly 90% of your business comes from repeat clients and customers.

But what about the other 10%?

The most successful businesses are the ones that are able to tap into new client bases through marketing and engagement, convert leads into paying customers, and turn customers into repeat clients and brand champions.

Since word-of-mouth remains the #1 way to promote your business and increase profits regardless of your industry, engaging your customers and getting them to tell their friends about your business is the best way to secure that remaining 10% of the market.

Thanks to email marketing and social media – what’s commonly known as “Engagement Marketing” – it’s easier than ever for customers to share their experiences with friends, family, and the world.

The best part about Engagement Marketing is that it’s measurable. By tracking email opens, clicks and social shares, you can pinpoint exactly what your customers want and make sure you’re the one to give it to them.

Email marketing is particularly effective for increasing engagement, referrals, and sales. But simply sending any old email to your customers isn’t enough to increase profits – your content must be strategically created to increase positive word-of-mouth between your current and prospective customers.

Here are 4 email content secrets proven to get your customers engaged, keep them coming back, and turn them into brand advocates.      [Read more…]

How To Go Offline And Still Grow Your Email List

Engagement Matters Episode 29: When making connections with people, what is better than a face to face encounter? When you attend live events, be sure to use the experience as an email list building opportunity. Learn how you can grow your subscriber list by having an active share at live events.

3 Keys To A Successful & Profitable Event

People do business with those they know, like and trust. When you put this principle into practice with your live events, and have a strong follow-up process in place, you can easily turn your events into dollars. Here’s how!

As Authority Local Experts for Constant Contact, we’ve been very successful using live training events to build our email list, attract new leads, and close sales. It’s also given us an ongoing opportunity to improve our public speaking skills. Most importantly, it allows the opportunity to meet local business owners in our community, share ideas, resources and enjoy learning from them.

What has worked well for you convert your events into leads, clients and dollars? Share your thoughts below!