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Why Search Engine Marketing Research Is Important

Many of my clients come to me with preconceived ideas about what phrases they want their website to show up for on the search engines like Google. Sometimes they hand me a list, and say, “I want to be number one for these words, how much will it cost?”

Before jumping into that conversation, I always explain that we have to step back a little bit and look at the forest for what it is, rather than focusing on the trees. If you focus too hard on the trees, you’ll miss the big picture, and really waste your time and effort.

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Guaranteeing Your Services: Lower Resistance to Get More Clients

Service GuaranteeWhen a prospect purchases services from you, they have to overcome any resistance they have to spending money. Even if they know they need the exact solution you’re offering, and have the budget to spend on the services, there is typically a bit of a resistance. It’s a natural part of the sales process. As a service professional, part of your job is to help lower their resistance and move your prospect toward the sale. You can do this by highlighting your expertise, offering packages based on their needs and showing the value of your bonuses and incentives.

Another important part of lowering resistance is offering your personal guarantee. By offering a personal guarantee, you can eliminate any feelings of uncertainty that your prospects may be experiencing.

Some might feel hesitant at guaranteeing their services because they fear that a client will take advantage of them. But think about what you are guaranteeing. As a service professional, you are guaranteeing your service –not the outcome.

Your personal guarantee is much different than offering a guarantee of results. As a service professional, you may not be responsible for the outcome of the work that you do with the client. In many cases, your client needs to take action on what they learn from you to get the desired result.

For example, a  graphic design professional may know for a fact that great design leads to better conversions. But those conversions are also dependent on other factors – like how much traffic the client is driving to the website, what copy is being displayed on the website, etc. All of these factors are out of the graphic designers’ hands. She can’t possible guarantee outcome – and, the same may be true in your case. There are too many factors at play that aren’t in your direct control but that play into the overall success of the work.

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3 Easy Strategies for Connecting With Ideal Clients (SSMS Episode 35)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastThe fact is a LOT of solo service professionals struggle to fill their practice with clients and keep a full pipeline of prospects. If this has been a challenge for you, I have good news. You CAN breakthrough the barriers keeping you from enrolling ideal clients into your business! Listen in to today’s episode as I share three of my proven, time-tested strategies for quickly enrolling ideal clients into your practice.

Marketing to Your Ideal Clients Made Easy

Many service professionals get overwhelmed with the idea of marketing themselves. Marketing is simply a matter of sharing solutions in an appealing way with people who are already looking for them. This becomes infinitely easier when you know exactly who you are marketing to – your ideal client. Here are three easy steps that you can use right now to attract and keep more of the people you’d love to work with. 

1. Frame your business in the right way.

Few service professionals realize that they are limiting themselves with their labels. Being a “graphic designer” or “interior designer” doesn’t spark much interest for the vast majority of people. Instead, you should focus on the benefits and results that you create for the clients you work with. For example:

“I help stressed out moms eliminate the clutter in their homes.”
“I help women business owners create financial freedom.”
“I help busy entrepreneurs create more money in their business.”

By doing this, you identify your target market, describe what you do and how you solve problems AND you make your work relatable. You’re suddenly someone who solves problems instead of just another one of the hundreds of graphic designers or interior designers out there to choose from. You’ll set yourself apart and grow a real following this way. [Read more…]

4 Steps to Finding Your Right Clients Right Now

When you’re first starting out as a solo service professional, you’re happy to work with anyone that comes your way. The excitement of owning your own business and making money doing what you’re great at is enough to keep you going – even if some of your clients aren’t the right fit.

But then you begin to realize there are those you love working with and those that drag your motivation, inspiration and success level down. The truth is – there are right clients and there are wrong clients. Your continued success (and happiness) as a solo service provider relies on your ability to weed out the wrong and focus on the right.

Your “ideal client” is someone who fits right in with your goals and abilities as a service provider. Serving others who don’t see the value of what you do, hassle you about terms, disrespect your advice or otherwise make your work life difficult isn’t worth your time or effort.

By focusing on your ideal clients, you can begin to attract them to your practice so that you’ll have a full roster of exactly who you want to work with.

Following these four easy steps can help you weed out the wrong clients and get more of the right clients, right now.     [Read more…]

Boost Your Bottom Line with Bonuses and Incentives

Sale - Bonus - Best Price - NewOne of the best ways to entice buyers to grab one of your service packages is to add bonuses and/or incentives to make the offer compelling and irresistible. Bonuses and incentives can have little or no cost to you, but they definitely add value for your prospects. In your clients’ eyes, you are pushing your offer over the top and making it a “no brainer” to work with you.

Bonuses and incentives also have the added benefit of showing that you are concerned about your client’s individual needs and are committed to offering comprehensive services, which can lower their resistance to purchasing.

So how can you create bonuses that help your clients but don’t represent a great deal of cost to you? There are many different options to choose from – and it pays to be creative! Here are a few ideas:     [Read more…]

Create Profitable Packages in 5 Easy Steps (SSMS Episode 34)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastCreating a compelling services menu for your business is one of the most important aspects of your marketing.  Unfortunately, many professionals just slap up a list with prices and hope for the best! They are missing out on a great opportunity to entice their prospects and encourage them to buy. In today’s episode, I share how to create a services menu that conveys the benefits and results of your offerings AND compels prospects to sign up!

Market Research for Non-Marketers

We are often afraid to ask people what they think, but doing exactly that is so important when we’re about to launch a big project, product, or a marketing venture. It’s key to make sure you’re on the right track before spending lots of time, money, effort, and hope on an endeavor. This is why it’s so important to take the pulse of what’s going on with your market. Here are a few quick (and largely free) strategies to do so:     [Read more…]

5 Keys to an Irresistible Services Menu

In last week’s article, we went over some of the basic steps to create a great services menu. As a service provider, your menu of services will be one of the critical factors in whether or not someone hires you. By paying attention to these five keys you can make sure that you are developing a menu that meets your clients’ needs as well as your own.

Key #1 – Package your solutions with your clients’ problems in mind.

Woman ChoosingDon’t create packages just for the sake of creating them. Make sure your offerings will really fit the needs of your ideal client. The packages should help them solve their most pressing challenges. You can do this by making a list of common challenges and then coming up with ways that one or a combination of your services can solve those problems. For example, an interior designer may find that many of her clients aren’t sure what their preferred style of décor is. She can offer a consulting service that both helps educate the client on different styles and guides them toward the right fit for them.

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3 Simple Steps to Creating Packages That Sell (SSMS Episode 33)

Subscribe to Sydni's PodcastIf you have ever struggled to package and price your services, you’ll really appreciate this week’s podcast. I share a simple three step system to create packages that not only boost your income but are irresistible to clients. Once you learn the keys to identifying what they need, you’ll be able to create a service menu just for your target market. Listen in and then post your thoughts on how you can implement these strategies in your business!